Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Don't Cry for Me HGTV

So last week I told you guys all about my new brown couches, and how I was none to pleased with the color of them. Almost everyone replied that I could buy some fun pillows to liven things up a bit. That was such a simple solution that had honestly never occurred to me. I mean seriously DUH, I should have thought of that, I'm the one who watches never ending marathons of HGTV and old Trading Spaces episodes. Somewhere, right now Genevieve from Trading Spaces is very disappointed in me (but I don't really care what  Hildy thinks because um she's a little crazy). So after your comments, I did go out and buy some pillows and other accessories to make things kind of fun and I really like the results. Not HGTV quality of course, but everything looks a lot more inviting now. So I really thank you guys!

I decided I wanted to bring in some greens and blues. I chose green because we have a gorgeous olive green color that is used as a trim throughout the room. Then I brought in the blue because green and blue is my favorite color combination ever. Those were my wedding colors actually, well clover green and pool blue to be exact. I always gravitate towards that scheme, I have a pool blue quilt to cover the bed and clover green sheets! I just can't help myself. 

Other than bringing in color, I wanted to solve some other issues. Our thermostat is right smack dab in the center of the main wall in our living room. Who puts a thermostat there?!? A man obviously. I have always hated this because I wanted to hang something there. But I discovered if I take off the cover from the front of the thermostat (since we have no working heat anyway), I can hang a canvas style painting because they have a hollow back. Also, our coffee table and floor are pretty much the same color, so I wanted to bring in some kind of contrasting element.

Lastly, I wanted to hang the collage style wedding picture that my father sent me. Which sounds weird if you know the wedding pictures debacle that happened with my father, but he did send me one picture from my wedding, after I had begged for them all. So I've always called it the "My Father is An ASS" photo, but it was still a nice photo, so I wanted to use it. That my friends, is how Brittany takes the lemons life is giving her, makes a lemon pound cake, garnishes it with a bit of lemon zest, and serves it with a smile!

Before Wall One (notice annoying thermostat, and I apologize I was holding the camera kind of crooked):

After Shots Wall One (I wish I had seen that cord sticking out of the bin, it is totally bothering me now):

 Before Wall Two:

After Shots Wall Two:

Close Up of Wedding Photo:
The rug, pillows, paintings, and framing the picture all cost me less than $70 dollars. I love finding clearance deals at Target. There is still a lot I want to do, but I'm really happy for now.


  1. It looks wonderful! I should do some awesome things like that. Oh wait I have kids. It wouldn't stay how I wanted it to lol.

  2. Oh it turned out great! It looks so cozy and I love that your picture covered the thermostat. Seriously, what were they thinking putting it there? I love the splashes of color. So are you glued to the couches yet? I can't wait to get ours. This pesky saving for the wedding is getting in the way.

  3. They look WONDERFUL! And that photo is fantastic! :)

  4. Very the pillows. But I must say, your idea for the thermostat ~ brilliant!

  5. Looks great! You did an amazing job for such a small budget!


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