Saturday, March 27, 2010

Past Blast-Lovin' the Showtunes Edition

This is the fourth installment in the Past Blast series. This was written on Augusut 4th, 2004, a few weeks before I left for college. The little quote in the beginning is from Jesus Christ SuperStar. I think I had recently seen the play, and was singing those tunes non-stop. As always, all misspellings and typos are orginal. My commentary is in red.

"Christ you know I love you
 Didn't you see our wave
 I believe in you and God
 So Tell me that Im saved"
*Does the Jesus dance!* (that last line isn't part of the song, I'm sure I was really doing the Jesus dance. Imagine very spastic arm movements).

Im eating plums, plums are so good. All plummy and juicy (look how clever I am, using the word while giving the definition. Mr. Webster frowns on that). 

Im really tired. We set up the whole garage sale today. Jenny came and helped a lot. Thanks to Jenny. I love Jenny (I still love Jenny! She was my maid of honor, and she has the best little blog about her time studying abroad in Germany). But anyway it took about two hours, but Im glad we are done, and I think it will be a good sale. Ugh, I have to be up at the crack of dawn, but that is ok. At least it wont be hot. It suppose to be very cool (Call the Grammar Police!). One last step before I move out.

I talked to Adam for an hour today. Im starting to fall for him (aw that makes me feel schmoopy). I feel it creepy over me (I'm pretty sure I meant to put "creep over me". But I love how "creepy over me" sounds). And its not something I want right now in my life. Im still coming off a rather messy break-up, and Adam lives in L.A (Chill out, Little Brittany, you will live there one day). And I know hpw bad LDR couples can be. How hard it can be. How it hurts even in the best situations.

Its such a mixture of emotions. Im still hurting over Pj (the OCD side of me really can't stand that I didn't capitalize both letters of his name. I'm having to restrain myself to keep from fixing that now), and at the same time excited about Adam. Is it possible to feel both at the same time? Adam wants me to come visit him spring break in LA. How amazing that would be. But I can't even see my mom letting me do that. Because she doesnt know Adam. And she was pretty skeptical about me going to see Pj, and she LOVED Pj ( I think LOVED is a little bit of an exaggeration ). It would be amazing and nervewracking all at the same time. This emotion is new to me, I dont know how to think or act.

Oh my, or mammia mia. I should listen to my Mamma Mia soundtrack. Maybe the answear lies there (First off, the typos in this sentence or painful to read. Second, THE ANSWERS LIE IN THE MAMMA MIA SOUNDTRACK. Gosh, I hope I was kidding. But I doubt it).

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