Tuesday, March 30, 2010

(Not) California Dreamin'

I'm blogging to say that I have nothing to blog about. I really don't. Not that I don't have anything going on, because I do. I am in way over my head with school and working crazy hours, because I have to wrap up all my students before April is out. So even though money will be really tight then, I'm looking forward to my summer off of work. I plan on doing nothing this summer, but lying about in a hammock, while Sarah fans me with palm leaves, and Adam feeds me grapes. NOT!

My real summer looks more like diving head first into school, melting in this non air-conditioned house, and full steam dieting (its a lot easier to diet when I don't have any "fun money"). But I am going home to Alabama for some mother/daughter time, and my nieces are coming to visit us out here in Cali (Oh Geezus, how do you entertain two teenagers?!?). And fingers crossed, I won't get stung by any sting rays again this summer! In fact, I'm making that my new motto, "Any day that I don't get stung by a sting ray is a good day!"

The truth is that I don't really have all that much to say, because I'm leaving for vacation on Friday, and I'm restless. I always get like this before vacations. I just get so excited and ready to get going that my real life starts moving like a snail on barbiturates. I am currently living in suspended animation, and everything else seems so lame. Attending School? Lame. Going out to Eat? Lame. Taking Sarah to the Beach? Lame. Going on a Hot Air Balloon Ride? If I'm still in Long Beach? LAME. Why can't I just go to sleep and wake up on Friday morning packed and ready to go.

So obviously I'm going on a vacation soon. Not just any vacation, but our long over due honeymoon! We are going to Washington D.C. I know this isn't your typical honeymoon location. Usually people laze around on a tropical beach or jet set to Europe . But Adam hates the beach (Blasphemy!), and we can’t really afford Europe right now, and we are both the biggest history dorks around. There is nothing better than marrying someone who shares in your every dorky whim. So while some couples will be sunning themselves in the Bahamas, we will be taking a Lincoln assignation walking tour and meandering through the Smithsonian’s. And loving every minute of it.

Not only is this our honeymoon trip, it falls on our first anniversary! I can't believe that it has already been a year. This time last year, I was fretting about rehearsal dinners, flowers, and burning one million wedding cds! Totally unaware of how crazy/wonderful/insane the year that lay ahead of me would be. It is also our Paper Anniversary. In honor of the paper anniversary, I told Adam I was going to make him origami paper cranes, and he replied that he was going to serve me with divorce "papers".

So now it is time to get away and celebrate (the anniversary not the divorce)! But until then I will be working on papers that are totally throwing off my grooove (as Kuzko in The Emperor's New Grove would say), and just being generally bored. When I get back, I'll have tons of pictures and stories to tell I'm sure. But until then I have a guest blogger lined up (be good to her) and a special post planned for Sunday.


  1. Haha, oh Adam. How well you and Match would get along. I love his playful replies. :-)

    That's awesome that you've planned the honeymoon for your anniversary. That worked out great!

    I have the opposite problem with packing-I'm so ocd I pack way too far in advance, and have to unpack my toothbrush because um...we're not leaving for a week. Yeah that's me.

    Have fun on your vacation!! Looking forward to pictures!

  2. That's AWESOME! I have yet to go to D.C.! It's amazing how many people have flown to Europe, but haven't visited their own capital!

    I hope you two have a wonderful time (I'm pretty sure you will) and Happy 1 Year to ya'll! :)

  3. hi brittany! i stumbled upon your blog while ec dropping. I love the way you write. It's very entertaining. :) I'll link you up. Enjoy your honeymoon!

  4. You will love this time of year here in Washington DC. The cherry blossom festivals in the swing now. The blossom are in full bloom and a stroll along the Potomac is Priceless this time of year. Great Photo stroll. have a great time.


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