Thursday, January 7, 2010

Introducing Pimples Galore!

So the last time I was in class was three weeks ago (due to winter break). This was my first break since June, and it has been fabulous. Believe it or not, there is life outside of Grad School! Who knew? During that class, I had to do my role-play. Yes that sounds kinky, but unfortunately for me and you, it's just not. Basically I wrote a vignette, based on some situation someone might see a therapist for, and then had to play therapist for 20 minutes in front of the class with a classmate.

Believe me, being a therapist involves a lot more than just asking, "And How Does That Make You feel?" It is about thinking on your feet, because you can't plan out what a client will say. Luckily, I survived and actually did really well. But because I am a rational, well adjusted, young woman the days leading up to my role-play involved a lot of just threatening to drop out of school altogether, because really why even try? Fatalist, much?

Once my role-play was done, I felt like the weight of two half-ton twins was lifted off my shoulders, and I could sit back and watch my classmates role play (Meaning I could harshly judge them). One girl in my glass had written a vignette about a male teenager, who was suffering from body dysmorphic disorder (this is when a person is excessively worried about what they see as a problem in their physical appearance, and this problem may not even exist. Kind of like Michael Jackson and his nose). For her role-play, she had written that the client was obsessed with his extremely, mild case of acne. The guy chosen to be the client was this really kind and husky man, that I will call Walter.

During his role-play, Walter said that his friends on his football team often make fun of his obsession with his acne. The therapist asked him what were some of thing things his friends were saying, and he replied that they called him "Crater Face" and "Pimples Galore." When he said Pimples Galore, soda just about came out my nose, and I was having to bite my tongue to keep from laughing and ruining the role-play. It's just the image of this guy on the football team, who is as big as a football player himself being called "Pimples Galore," is the funniest thing ever. Is it just me, or is that hilarious? Maybe you have to know him, I don't know.

But on our break, I started talking to my classmates about those commercials you see on TV where someone gets a pimple and then freaks out because how can they they possibly go on a date when they have a pimple! It goes something like this, "Gee Wilikers, I have a blemish on my nose, Suzy Q will never go to the sock hop with me now!" Ok so that was the 1950's version of the modern day acne treatment commercials. But I always thought those commercials were so silly, I've never gotten one pimple, that would keep me chained to the house. Now I get how a severe case of acne would be a horrible thing, although I've never really had a complexion problem. But one pimple, come on on people. I wasn't buying it.

Then on Monday morning, I woke up with a zit where the skin meets my upper lip, and that sucker was monstrous. I swear I've never seen a zit that size. I don't know what show it is, but I've seen this cartoon where a big zit on this guy's face talks to and influences this guy to do evil things, and it totally reminded me of my zit.

When I really started looking at my pimple, I figure out it was three pimples that had kind of combined together to form one giant, evil entity of pus. Not only was it ugly, but it was one of those painful pimples that drive you batty. So of course, I have to pop it to stop the pain, and I'm popping all three centers of the pimple repeatedly (gross image, I know), and using my quick fix trick of toothpaste, but nothing is working.

Then, Adam comes home from work and tells me its looks like I have herpes on my lip. At first, I'm like how does he know what herpes looks like?" ]and then I think, "OMG, it looks like I have herpes." Gee, thanks Adam for given me a complex about my pimple. Of course, I was out of concealer, and all week my younger students have been pointing out my pimple. I told one 2nd grader, that one day she would have pimples too, and she told me that could never happen to her. Good luck, sweetheart!

Honestly, I think my pimple is some kind of karmic payback, for laughing so hard about the whole "Pimples Galore" thing. But man that nickname still makes me laugh. Also, now I get it, one pimple can affect your day!


  1. let's just hope i don't wake up with one of those on my WEDDING DAY!

  2. Introducing "Pimples Galore"....sounds like a bad stage name for a drag queen. :)

    Maybe you had a fever blister?? I have never had one but I think that is usually a cluster like you described....people say they are painful and the location fits. Could be why the trusty toothpaste remedy wasn't working too.


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