Monday, December 7, 2009

This Ain't My Mother's Tree Trimming Party, Y'all

So last year Adam and I didn't have a Christmas tree. Adam convinced me that we didn't need one for two reasonable reasons. 1. We were flat broke and 2. We would be in Wisconsin on Christmas day. But I'm not in anyway a rational and reasonable person, so I decided that Adam was just being a Grinch. Adam's heart must have grown a half a size this year, because he said we could buy a tree. But on our budget it would have to be like the before picture of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Luckily, my mother, the reigning Queen of Christmas herself, offered to send us her old Christmas tree. She also sent along some of my childhood ornaments. I was so excited.

Before the tree even got here, I was thinking about how I wanted to decorate it. And I spent a good half hour roaming the Christmas ornament aisle at Big Lots, because I couldn't decide whether or not I wanted a blue/silver ornament theme or a gold/red ornament theme. There was a whole lot of putting the blue/silver ones in the buggy then putting them back, and going for the gold/red ones, and putting them back. You see I'm a waffling waffler, and I don't like having to make choices. I finally settled on the blue/silver ones and bought a tree topper and skirt.

Back in Alabama, putting up the Christmas tree was an all-day event. We would pop in Christmas movies, drink peppermint shakes, reminisce about our favorite ornaments, and get it done slowly. Adam and I put up the Christmas tree last Wednesday, after we both had really long days at work. While decorating the tree, Adam and I ate burritos from the microwave and watched I Didn't Know I was Pregnant and The Real World/ Road Rules Challenge. Disclaimer: I'm the one that watches those shows, Adam has much better taste in television shows.

(On a side note let us talk about I Didn't Know I was Pregnant for a minute. First of all, I don't know why I watch that show; it’s not like when the girl starts feeling pain I wonder, "OMG, what is wrong with her?" Second of all, the actresses that reenact the births are typically really pretty and smart looking girls, and then they show the actual person and they are almost always these hicky people from the South. WHY ARE THEY ALWAYS FROM THE SOUTH? Also, I love when they have the so called experts on the show to explain the things that happened. On one episode this woman has a baby in the toilet, and then the expert comes on to explain why a baby shouldn't be born in a toilet! I mean really, did that person get a medical degree so they could go on a cable show and do a public service announcement about having baby in toilets. There Mama must be so proud. By the way, that show scares me, and I can almost bet that the next time I feel a little bit of stomach pain, I'm going to be convinced I'm in labor. Because I am that paranoid. So expect a tweet from me soon, saying I’m having a baby, and then a follow up saying it was only gas.)

So about the tree trimming. We struggled with the lights, even though it’s a pre-lit tree, and put up all the ornaments I had as a child. We were really having a wonderful time. And I'm all about capturing snap shots of great moments in my mind, and I’m thinking this is the first time Adam and I are putting up a tree together! Oh how nice. And then Adam found an old photo album my mom had packed in the Christmas tree box, and it all went down hill from there. First of all, he saw a picture of me from middle school. This was before I finally figured out what to do with my wild curly hair. So it was always all over the place, and I hated it. After many years of therapy, I learned how to handle it and accept it as an adult. But when he saw the picture, he was laughing so hard he couldn't breathe. He said, "Which Designing Women character did you steal that hair style from?" In one foul swoop, he reopened all those middle school wounds all over again. He wanted me to scan it and email it to his family. No way Jose. Never ever going to happen.

All in all it really was a lovely evening. But when I told my mom we ate burritos, watched trashy television, and made fun of each others hair while putting up the tree, is it any wonder she didn't approve? :)

Here are some pictures of the tree and some favorite ornaments. Man it’s hard to take a good picture of a Christmas tree.

The angel blinks on and off, so I couldn't capture it.

Adam's little Packer Football Player. Go Cheeseheads!

I buy a new ornament every year.This year it is a goldie for Sarah.

I colored this when I was five years old. Makes me smile.

I make Adam sleep under the tree when he is a bad husband.

Sarah has been sleeping under the tree and knocking off ornaments. That poor tree's life is in peril every time she walks by.


  1. What a wonderful tree! Starting your own traditions together is what makes the holidays memorable. Everyone may not enjoy burritos and trashy television, but I say whatever makes you happy is all that matters. :)

    I never knew there was such a show as "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant"!! I have to admit, my exposure to reality television is when I walk through the room and my daughters are watching, so that could be why. I agree.....wonder where they found the "expert" to tell us all about the dangers of toilet births?

  2. LOL, Brittany! I am dying laughing! I have never seen "I didn't know I was pregnant" But luckily, Joel McHale gives us the highlight on Friday nights, lol! And my husband has better taste in TV than I do too... I have been trying to kick the MTV habit, especially since I am definitely officially too old to be watching it..but those damn true life shows get me every time.. I even record them - pathetic.

  3. yay for tree trimming! i loved all the decorations that you showed off and I think that is so cute about Sarah-- She probably has a tail of steel, thats how my dad's golden's tail was!

    Enjoy your new traditions, my friend.

    ps: I have a love/hate relationship with the show "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" ha ha ha ha.

  4. I need to post my decorating pictures and my tree too! I love your tree. We opted for a fake tree and I love it! Someday we'll get a big one like yours-so pretty. I love that you get new ornaments each year. I have that tradition too. Btw, you're lucky Adam helped. Match is such an old Scrooge. He says he'll be into Christmas when he has kids. I said he better be into it now or no kids for him! ;-) So I forced him to watch Elf, hehe.


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