Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This, That, & The Other

A few things that have happened this weekend:

1. My friend Ana is getting married next weekend, and I'm flying to Mississippi on Thursday. TUPELO, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED BRITTANY IS ON HER WAY. I will be boozing it up, and I may be found face down in a plate of delicious IHOP pancakes. I told Ana that I planned to wear my bride t-shirt from my wedding to the rehearsal dinner, and then my wedding dress to her wedding. HA. She replied, "Sure...and you can even walk down the aisle on the wedding day and marry the man of MY dreams....NOT!!! Haha." Hey, It was worth a shot.

2. My mother called me and told me she was going to give away some of my stepfather's old socks. I thought, "That is nice, but why is she telling me this?" But then she asked if I wanted my stepfather's old socks...My mom is so ridiculous sometimes. Who wants someone else's USED socks? OK maybe I would consider taking someone's used socks if that someone was the hunky, hunky Jonathon Rhys Meyers. But I wouldn't wear them, I would simply build a shrine around those socks, and every night I would bow before them and attempt to cast a love spell on him. My mom was so shocked that I didn't want the socks, "But I Bleached Them!" she shouted. Thanks but no thanks Mom, I've seen my stepfather's feet.

3. Saturday night Adam was watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I have to say I'm not a fan of Harry Potter. I wish I was, because then I would have something to discuss with everyone. But oh well. After the movie, Adam drops to his knees in front of Sarah and says, "What was your human form? Transform into your Human Form! Sarah, Transform!" She got a very serious look on her face, she stuck out her tongue, and then there was a loud, ripping noise from her bottom half. Let's just say things got a little stinky. So I guess that is what she thought about that.
365 days ago (give or take):
I have a confession to make, one that may make me seem terminally uncool. But I really really want to go to Disneyland. I never got to do the "Disney" thing as a kid. I've driven by Disneyworld in Florida, I've shopped at one of it’s outposts, but enter the doors I have not. I want to wear Mickey Mouse ears, have tea with the Mad Hatter, and ride in Davy Crockett's canoe (no not like that you perverts).
I still have not been to Disney, because I'm married to a mean, mean man.


  1. Oh, everyone needs to go to Disney at least once in their life. Sheesh. And as for the used socks---ewwwww. And your stepfather's???! Who would want those??

  2. Never been to Disney, either. *Sigh*

    You don't like Harry Potter? Not sure if I can visit this blog anymore. ;-) I never wanted to read those books until it was required when I worked in a bookstore (for a midnight opening of the next book). That's when I fell in love with them. I think we were celebrating the opening of book 4 or 5.

    My mother-in-law asks for our old socks. Not sure why.


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