Friday, July 24, 2009

I Didn't Join the Circus...

Week Four of class had been hanging over my head, since I don't know, Week One? And this last week has certainly been a stressful one. I started my ten page paper two weeks ahead of the due date, and then I wrote one page every night. Before you start thinking that I am the most responsible person in the world, know that I do this because I can not handle pressure. I can not sit back as deadlines go whizzing past my head. When I do that, I send myself down a shame spiral that ends with me eating strawberry cheesecake ben & jerry's ice cream in the dark over the kitchen sink. This is a decidedly bad plan of action considering the fact I have lost 45 lbs in the last few months. BRAGGING ALERT. See how I just snuck that in there, I'm rather proud of myself. I mean who loses weight after the wedding?

So I finished my paper last Thursday, after spending two days at Borders with my laptop using their books for research, so I didn't have to buy the books. Yes, I am yet again a poor college student. I felt so guilty for using the books, that I just kept buying treats (that is the excuse I'm sticking with). So I finished the paper & turned that bad boy in, before turning my attention to the OMG ITS GOING TO KILL ME PRESENTATION. First can I say there are a million things I'd rather do, including peeling back my toe nails with a pair of tweezers (nice imagery huh) than give a speech. I didn't really sleep well the two nights before my presentation, because I could not stop rehearsing my speech in my head while I was lying in bed.

But then D-day came around, and pass or fail I just wanted it to be behind me. I was bemoaning my last name, because believe it or not the M name puts me at the end of the role. I knew if I sat through everyone else's speeches my anxiety would just keep on rising. But then the heavens parted and God cut me some slack when the professor called us alphabetically from our first names! I made a note to call my mother, and thank her for giving me the number 2 most popular name in the 80's that was second in the alphabet! So I got to go second, and I think I did pretty well. I won’t find out how I did time wise until after week 6 though.

After the speeches the professor handed us a story called, "Who Killed John Doe?" She told us we would have a few minutes to read through the story and decide who the killer was. I was excited, I thought I was about to read a murder mystery! I read the first few sentences, before deciding it was the wife. I watch SNAPPED on Oxygen, so I know it is always the wife. If Adam ever comes up dead, just know I probably did it. Shush don't tell the police.

But then I read on and it was a depressing tale about how the hospital had turned him away because of his insurance company. And also how the legislators focused on education and road reforms instead of healthcare issues, like the voters had wanted. So on and so forth. That seriously killed my murder mystery buzz. Next we got into groups (so they could see how we worked with others for the evaluation process) and we had to give a short presentation on who we decided was responsible.

The last thing we did was some mock counseling sessions. It was really scary to get up in front of the class and be a therapist. Our classmates presented us with their real problems (but not too serious of ones). We are all "babies" in this process, and our clients were supposed to be nice to us newbies. But once when I asked a question he responded, "I don't know, that is why I'm talking to you." And I just felt stumped so I said, "Ut oh!" and the whole class laughed. Ultimately, I don't think I was better or worse than any of my classmates. But this weekend I'm going to have some mock counseling sessions with my husband just to practice. But if Adam starts talking about issues he has with me, I might just pop him. HAHA. Maybe that would be unprofessional.

I have several things to write about other than school, like how I got attacked by a mean jellyfish *bad squishy*! So as soon as I get some free time I will. I feel like I’m running a million different directions lately but I’m loving it.
365 days ago (give or take):
I may have just jumped off the deep end. Before I knew what I was saying, I had agreed to adopt my brother's 107 lb, hefty, golden retriever, Sarah Lee. Or as we like to call her Sara WEEEEEE! In a high pitch voice that makes everyone around you cringe.
Sarah Lee makes her first blog appearance. How sweet.


  1. It sounds like you are SO busy but SO happy & I love that!

  2. wow, you lost 45lbs after the wedding. that is amazing. how did you do it? well, stress is one factor that can help you loose a bit of weight. But sound so busy with school. Good luck with everything and all the deadlines.

  3. I have been reading your blog for a little while now and wanted to tell you I have had more than one good laugh.....I love how you write about your life kind of humor! Like you, I have a tremendous fear of getting up in front of people and actually speaking so I can really relate to what you go through. I also wanted to congratulate you on your weight have earned the right to brag. Best of have at least one cheerleader on the East Coast cheering you on!! :)

  4. Dang! I disappear for a few months and you're already married. Definitely going to have to do some back reading. Congrats on losing the lbs!


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