Thursday, March 26, 2009

You are Beautiful Too, Sidewalk

This was written on a sidewalk I passed on the way to Sarah's vet, where I was taking her to get a few shots. This was obviously written just for me, but I just have to wonder how did they know I would be walking by this morning?

P.S.-Sarah spent ten minutes perched on top of the waiting room couch, with her nose glued to the aquarium. I could see the thought bubble above her head, "As soon as that fish leaps out of the bowl, it will be mine, ALL MINE." Sarah doesn't seem to think any other animal should be allowed to exist if it isn't a dog. My brother (who I adopted Sarah from) still doesn’t know what happened to one of their old hamsters....

365 days ago (give or take):
Once again people in our group came from all over-we had people from Amsterdam, Switzerland, Belgium, Brazil, Portugal, England, France, and Germany. And on the way home the tour guide taught us an Israel song about peace. And we sang it in Hebrew, some how this turned into international karaoke.
That made me smile to read back over that passage. When everyone started getting up and singing their individual country’s anthems and songs I knew that would be a moment I would remember forever. Also I talk about Nazareth, Cana, and Galilee.


  1. That sidewalk quote is joyous!!! Imagine if that (or somthing similar) was written on every sidewalk? This world would be a much happier and smile-ier place.

  2. I'm sorry but my OCD insists I point out this typo to you, bowel, instead of bowl. Personally, I think bowel is better in this case, cause that's where that fish would be headed. Hehehe!


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