Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Million Little Mini Heart Attacks

Holy Guacamole! The wedding is now officially six days away, but on Wednesday morning we are leaving for Texas. So that leaves me about 72 hours to get my never ending to-do list accomplished. That makes this a fabulous time to blog! I'm not procrastinating at all, I would never ever procrastinate. Stop looking at me like that. These last few weeks have been crazy, and here are just a couple of things that have been threatening to give me a heart attack.

My brother, BJ, is one of our groomsmen, and my mom is buying him a suit. We chose simple black suits & white shirts-to make it easier for everyone because it’s a "destination wedding*," and we can't be with the guys to get their suits. But my precious brother saw this as his opportunity to get himself a white suit. So BJ asked my grandmother, "Do you think she'll mind if I get a white suit?" and she replies, "Of course she will." But he doesn’t want to take no for an answer yet, so next he talks to mom, "I think you should buy me a white suit," and she says, "No, you are getting a black suit."

I'm his last chance, so he finally asks me and I tell him, "Yeah you can get a white suit, and then I'll buy you a panama hat, so you can drive around in grandma's red navigator, and be the big pimp** you've always dreamed of being." "Really?" "No! You're getting a BLACK SUIT." So he did get a black suit, but my grandmother had to stop him from getting a red dress shirt. Oye Vay. If BJ had showed up in a white suit, not only would he not be in the wedding, he would no longer BE ALIVE.

Secondly, we reserved our wedding venue to accommodate up to 100 people. We never expected almost everyone would be able to come, but Adam and I are very blessed to have so many loved ones that want to be there for us. So two weeks ago I estimated that we would have about 90 people, and I was very happy with that. Then my grandmother called and asked if she could invite the "blue-haired ladies" to the wedding (that's what my mother and I call the members of my grandmother's Christian sorority.) There are 15 women in her sorority, and some of them have husbands! But to be fair, they all remember me from when I was a little girl.

My grandmother keeps trying to jog my memory when it comes to her friends "You must remember Mrs. So & So! She's the one with the beehive hair-do." She forgets that they all have BEE HIVE styled hair-dos! But my grandmother is a real socialite, so how could I tell her she couldn’t invite them? Now I'm just worrying about really trivial things like having enough seats, enough food, and enough cake. And this all reminds me that my OCD mother had asked the cake lady if they could place a semi-invisible grid inside the cake, to ensure it was cut in exact & uniformed pieces. That ranks right up there with the time we walked into a store named "Pack-n-Mail,", and my mother asked the employee if they packed and mailed items there. How the employee was able to keep from laughing when she said that is still a mystery to me. I’m still laughing about it.

Now for something that is not stressing me out. These are the t-shirts I bought for the wedding party to wear the night of our rehearsal dinner, and for our joint bachelor/bachelorette parties. Just ignore the wrinkles because I need to throw them in the dryer.

*When you say destination wedding, people think of something exotic like "Hawaii," and I just mean a "Small Texas Town."
**I have no problem with white suits, you just have to know my big brother. To know him is to love him, but to have him in your family is enough to drive you bonkers. But oh how I love him anyway.

365 days ago (give or take):
I had never realized that King David's City was outside the walls of Jerusalem. It is all in ruins now, but it’s mind-blowing to be standing in a structure that is so incredibly old. Going down into the tunnels of the city was one of those moments, when what I had pictured Israel to be, completely aligned with what Israel was.
Day four of my Israel trip, gosh that vacation was amazing. I also talked about some interesting cuisine I had sampled. PETA would hate me. I find reading back over my old entries can sometimes be difficult, because my grammar was so terrible. Oh well! I’ve improved now I hope.


  1. OMG I *LOVE* those shirts!! And I hear ya about people choosing something different to wear to the wedding. Larrys brothers did the same thing and I was sooo madddd. Glad he got the black suit. I'm so excited for you!!

  2. These are awesome shirts! Good luck and congratulations on your wedding :)

  3. Good luck with your wedding!! How very exciting to be a bride. I wish you the best of luck on your big day, and everyday afterwards too. Remember--ENJOY your day. Don't stress--anything that happens/goes wrong is just something to laugh about later when you are old and gray together!!!

  4. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials, sounds like you've organized everything down to the t-shirts for the rehearsal - WOW!
    I hope your special day is everything you've always dreamed it would be!!!

  5. The prints are great! Nice picks of wordings for your dress rehearsal. Such a creative you are! Great!

  6. EEEEE!! It's almost time! I'm excited that you've had time to blog so you can fill your loyal readers in on the upcoming wedding. I love love love the shirts you got. Oh, and your venue is amazing. Your brother cracks me up, but I'm glad he didn't go through with it. It's YOUR day!! He can wear a white tux and Panama hat to his own wedding, lol.

  7. Your mom is hilarious! My husband has OCD and sometimes I just want to smack him.
    I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating your new life and family members and love.

  8. Those shirts are freaking awesome! What a great idea. I wish I'd had something like that way back when.

    You're going to have a wonderful time and I hope you share photos here. =)

  9. What a fun idea - I love those shirts! And of course he'll wear the black suit (grin).

  10. those shirts are awesome! :-D Congratulations on getting married! :)

  11. @Moxy-Thank You! I know but there are many reasons for me to want to kill my bro. This is just one of many.

    @Vera-I know aren't they cute!

    @Lin-I know, whatever happens happens.

    @MamaFlo-I try, but I know there will be something I overlooked.

    @Cacainadjourney-Hehe-they were preworded, I wish I was that creative.

    @DateGirl-I know I'm going to be glad I documented it all years down the road. The sad thing is my brother is 10 years older than me!

    @Native American Momma-I know she drives me nuts, but I love her. Thanks for the well wishes.

    @Castro-Its the wonders of the internet. I will defintely share my photos.

    @Virushead-He better, if he doesn't you will hear about it here.

    @Ane-I'm glad you like them! Thank you!

  12. Good luck with the wedding! I've been thinking of you, knowing the date was getting close.

    Love the shirts, by the way. Those are AWESOME!

  13. i NEEEEEEED those shirts!

    GAH, B, I am SO excited for you girl! I can't wait to hear all about it, to see pictures, to be apart of the big day! YAY!

  14. I can't WAIT to hear all about your wedding!! Congrats to you and Adam!! Yay!!

    I love the groom Dead Man Walking...LOL!!

  15. Congratulations!!! May you spend the rest of your life in marital bliss. I love your blog and am a follower. Can't wait for more posts.

    P.S. I have an an award waiting for you at my blog. Love your site!!


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