Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Das Soup

Adam and I have really different TV viewing habits. When I get home from work, I want to watch something fluffy & really bad like America's Next Top Model or The Secret Life of the American Teenager (that show would make a great drinking game, just do a shot every time someone says “baby”). I will also confess to knowing a humiliating amount of knowledge about every castmate that ever set foot on The Real World. While I’m watching TV, Adam usually wears headphones and messes around on his laptop. This is because he has trouble keeping his snarky comments to himself. I don't mind his snarky comments really, they are always hilarious, but he talks over the dialogue (which drives me nuts). Luckily I have DVR or I would never get to know what crazy thing those Rock of Love Bus girls just said.

Adam loves shows like 24 and Lost. I like 24, but Lost makes my head spin round. I know it’s supposed to be mysterious and a little bit confusing, but it really gives me a headache. And if you can keep up with that show I bow down before your mighty intellect. This is what I ask every Wednesday night, "Why did the plane crash? Was he on the Island before? Where is the Island? Why are the going back? How can it be the 1970’s? There are too many questions! Oh I give up!" Then I go to the bedroom and read. But there is one show we both love to watch together, which is The Soup on E! with host Joel McHale.

We call it "Das Soup", but we add that German pronoun to a lot of things, sometimes we call Sarah "Das Baby". Yeah we're weird. In case you don't know The Soup is a show that takes crazy clips from TV shows throughout the week, plays them, and then makes fun of them. Even if it is a show you LOVE, you can't help but laugh about the inane clips they show. At the end of the show Joel McHale tells where he will soon be doing his stand-up routine, and about a month ago he mentioned he was coming to Long Beach. Adam and I thought that was cool, but we really didn't think we would be able to afford to go.

If a comfortable cushy salary can be compared to a loaf of bread, and I was still living in Alabama, where the cost of living is low, my current salary would be like a few slices. But if I take that same salary and throw it in with the high California cost of living, and my new grown-up expenses (being a grown-up STINKS), then I'm making crumbs. But Adam is good with money, which is a blessing because I’m notoriously bad with money, and we do ok. But we don't have a ton of money left over for many luxuries. I really wanted go see Joel McHale with Adam though, so I scrimped & saved for a month, and last week I finally got to tell Adam that I was able to buy us the tickets. He was so happy and so surprised. He said he didn't know I could keep my mouth shut that long. LOL.

Friday night we got all dressed up, I even wore heels, and I only fell once! And it wasn’t down the stairs, like I’ve done so many times before. This is the reason I’m wearing flats at the wedding, that and I don’t want to be the jolly green giant. Chris Porter, a finalist from Season 4 of Last Comic Standing, was his opening act. He was great; his riffs on Southern California life were not only hilarious but so true. Then Joel McHale came out and he was ten times as funny as he is on TV, and looked a whole lot skinner. He did a lot of things he does on his show like making fun of Ryan Seacrest and Tyra Banks. Tells of the celebrities he has made mad on the Soup (Tyra Banks, Paula Abdul, and Mama Kardashian). He even joked about twitter, which had me rolling because I love twitter.

He also talked about other things like his wife & kids. “My son is so cute, I just love him so much, and it’s so hard to hit him.” The only other comedian I’ve ever seen live is Jay Leno. It’s one of the things my mother and I did on my 21st birthday trip to Las Vegas. Joel McHale was just as good, if not better than he was. It was a really wonderful date night.

365 days ago (give or take):
Little old me going to the Middle East, who would have believed it? I’m leaving on a jet plane, heading to an entirely different world than the one I’m leaving behind. See you when I return.
II get ready to go to Israel. That trip was nothing short of amazing. I just realized I never wrote about my last day there, which was the best day (Old Jerusalem). I guess I’ll go write about day 5 and add it retroactively. That will be up in a few days.


  1. Awesome!! I LOVE The Soup (or, Das Soup, haha). Now I have to add "See Joel McHale live" to my list of things I must do before I die...he's cute, too. (heh!)

  2. LOVE the Soup! It never fails to deliver belly laughs over the stupid stuff on TV. Glad to hear he was funnier in person.

  3. So jealous!! Joel is my favorite. I just knew he would be great in person.

  4. Oh that sounds like so much fun! I was laughing reading this post because Match ALWAYS talks during shows. My biggest pet peeve is that he'll ask what's going to happen, even if it's a new episode I've never seen. He'll be like, well how does it end? Like he can't stand the suspense. I don't have a dvr and sometimes I want to slug him, but it's also kind of precious.
    That's so cool that you saved up and surprised Adam with such a great date night!

  5. i'm so jealous! i would love to see him.

    curt & i can barely watch TV together too. he tolerates my obsession with L&O: SVU, and we love The Office. That's about it, HAH! Thank GOD for DVR, right?

  6. Yeah!! You posted this.. I am going to go fix some tea and a slice of pecan pie and come back to read this...

    LOL, Why I felt the need to tell you that?

    I have no earthly idea. Be back.

  7. Really? He looked skinnier? So, I am guessing it's true that tv adds 10 pounds? He already looks skinny to me, lol!

    Aww...Brittany, I am SUPER jealous!! Like, Drooling all over my computer jealous. Like..Moving out to Cali in the morning jealous. Like..SOOOOO GLAD TONIGHT IS THE SOUP JEALOUS...Ooops.. I mean, DAS SOUP. LOL!!!


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