Friday, October 17, 2008

The Sidetail-A Registered Trademark

I am single handily bringing back the side tail. Maybe single handily is an exaggeration, not that I ever exaggerate. It is important to note that I'm not talking about a side tail like the picture, but a soft pony tail resting on the shoulder (The picture just made me giggle). Secretly I have always been a fan of the side tail, but I only dared to sport it in the comforts of my bedroom. But I first started to believe the side tail might be acceptable for public outings when I saw Lauren Graham wearing it on the Gilmore Girls. Because when faced with any difficult question I always ask myself, "What Would Lorelei Gilmore Do?"

The first test for the side tail was a trip to Wal-mart. I figured if it couldn't pass the Wal-mart test all hope would have to be abandoned. I mean have you seen the things people wear to Wal-mart?! I'm talking the no shoes, pit stained t-shirts, just rolled out of bed and didn't change my clothes crowd. (OK to be fair, on a few occasions I've worn my pjs to Wal-mart). At Wal-mart no one seemed to pay any more attention to me than usual. And I'm sure the one person who snickered was only laughing at the man who bought nothing but strawberries, denture glue, and condoms and not at me.

Next I sought out Adam's approval. Honestly I would not have ever gone to him with such a crucial hair decision, if not for my lack of girlfriends in California. He loved it, like told me to wear it on our wedding night loved it. Adam doesn't know how easy he is making things for me now. Because it takes no time to pull off the side tail. On top of that, ever since I snagged my Mister, I don't even remember the last time I bothered with make-up. Not that I was particularly skilled with that task anyway. Do you need a noble peace prize to be able to wield a wand of eye shadow? To me it seems that way.

Now I'm saving lots of time, keeping my lazy streak in tact, and changing my life one side tail at a time.


  1. you go girl! just don't use a 1980's era scrunchy.


  2. I love this post! I've been thinking about trying the sidetail. At least it would look like I tried to do my hair that day! lol!

  3. LMFAO, i just got back from shopping in my pajama's in Wally World. I did not have a sidetail though. More like this pile of hair on top of my head, sorta in a ponytail, partly ummmmmm not.

  4. OH OH and I pissed off a guy behind me too! I was using the self check out and it was messed up, so the guy behind me decided to instruct me on how to use it. I was in a really bad mood and i turned around and said " Just because i haven't brushed my hair or bothered to get dressed doesn't mean i can't work a machine, feel free to wait your turn or i'll feel the need to get alot slower" I hear this collective GASP and look at my kids. Their mouth were on the floor lol. There's likely a special place in hell for me after this but i bet he doesn't offer to help another wild haired pajama clad woman again. I'm sure i'll feel bad at some point much later.

  5. Hey brittany, you always stand out!!! Got an Award for you for 'standing-out'!

  6. @Alicia-I no longer own any crunchies, I don't know if i could have said that last year.
    @Jai-Do it :)
    @Nessa-I do it all the time, not even kidding. Less so out here in Cali, but all the time in Alabama.

  7. I adore your blog. I think it is so funny. You seriously have me cracking up laughing so loud my boyfriend keeps looking at me like I'm crazy(well I am but thats a whole other thing lol). I tried explaining the side ponytail to him and once again I got a crazy look..Men just don't understand good hair styles!! But I am a new reader of your blog and I will definitly be back!!

  8. Dude..I am bring the banana clip back hard core.. lol

  9. That's too funny. i wish i had enough thickness in my hair to impress with a sidetail. Mine would look like a drooping lily though...


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