Monday, September 22, 2008

SuperGoddess's Playlist Volume 3: White Trash Ho' Not Included

Once upon a time I had XM radio, and I got to hear new songs before my fellow, FM friends. I loved asking them, "Have you heard the new song by such and such artist?" They would of course say, “No," and then I would bask in my self-righteous specialness. Ok so I never felt self-righteous, but it was pretty darn cool. Then one day my mom took my car to the shop to have it looked over for "safety" or some other such foolishness. My car was broken into there, and my XM was stolen. It was never broken into at school or any of those times I parked it in bad neighborhoods, but apparently the MECHANIC is the DANGEROUS place.

Although they refunded me the money, I never replaced it, because I had some other bills to pay. Soon after I moved to California and dropped out of the music scene completely (I've been busy sleeping, watching soap net, and having staring contests with the dog). So when my friend asked me if I had heard a few new songs, and I couldn't name one of them, that felt WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. So I went on the hunt and I sniffed out these finds.

This time last year I saw Taylor Swift in concert, and she brings so much energy & passion to her shows. I know she is young and I’m straight, but given half the chance I swear I would have my way with her (she is HOT). As cheesy as it may be, I’ve loved every song she has ever put out. Love Story is no different, plus I’m a sucker for period pieces.

Boys with Girlfriends by Meiko has been obsessively playing on my ipod all day long. Meiko has a voice as smooth as whiskey and twice as addicting (I don’t talk like that, I just wanted to see what it was like to take the tone of pretentious reviewer, ha). I think I love the lyrics because I was once abandoned by a good guy friend, when he got a girlfriend. I don’t think this is the official video; it seems some one just shot it themselves. Most images are just the girl and sometimes her dog (um, ok)? But at second 27 you can see the exact pair of Sketchers I have. How cool is that?

Eric Hutchinson's, Rock & Roll, is from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 movie soundtrack. (A movie, which by the way, made me bawl not once, not twice, but FOUR SEPARATE TIMES). The song is just a lot of fun, and I could listen to the chorus for the rest of my life and never get tired of it. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Eric Hutchinson is cute in that “rough around the edges” sort of way.

I'm from the country, I grew up in the country, and country music will always be a huge part of my life. It’s really simple music, its all about love, sinning, and heartbreak. But there is a kind of comfort in simplicity. I love the song, Cheater, Cheater by Joey & Rory (the band name is so cutesy). I do love her southern twang, but I may really love the song because it asks the question, "Where'd You Meet that No Good White Trash Ho'?"

What are some of your favorite "new" songs?


  1. Lol, ok, i think i'd like it to for that one line. I know so many I could use it on!!! oops, did I say that outloud?

  2. **Where'd You Meet that No Good White Trash Ho?**

    I want that T-shirt!

  3. Wow, I love this Cheater Cheater song. Thanks!


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