Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stats on My Life in California Thus Far

1. Number of Freeways I’ve driven on: 1 (accidentally and traumatizing).

2. Number of Freeways I’m planning on driving on in the future: 0 (Are you kidding?!? See above).

3. Amount of Time it took me to realize that Hardee’s and Carl Jr’s are the same restaurant: Way Too Long (What is up with that?).

4. Amount of Time it took me to figure out that Jack in The Box deep frys its tacos once I crossed the California state line: 0.05 seconds.

5. Number of Deep Fried Tacos I’ve eaten since: 1,000 (Dude you get two for $.99 cents).

6.How Long It took for “Dude” to become part of my daily vocabulary: 2 weeks.

7. Number of Showers it took for me to realize that my feet were tanned not dirty: 3 (The flip flop strap should have been my first clue).

8. Number of Times I’ve opened my mouth and people have asked me where I’m from: Every time.

9. Number of Times people have been shocked that my hometown forbade alcohol: No one is shocked because they think I’m LYING.

10. Number of Times I’ve attempted to order Sweet Tea: 30.

11. Number of Times I was stared at blankly for ordering Sweet Tea: 15.

12. Number of Times I was just brought Unsweet Tea anyway: 30.

13. Number of Times I plan to order sweet tea in the future: Infinite Times, I will never give up until Californians accept that tea is better when it is brewed sweet.

14. Number of High Fashion Shops I’ve been in: Zero, like my lovely, big butt would fit into those clothes.

15. Number of Episodes of Law and Order, Cold Case, & Without a Trace I’ve watched since arriving: 500,000.

16. Number of Times watching Law and Order, Cold Case, & Without a Trace has made me think of ways to get away with murder: 500,000.


  1. It took moving to Texas from Utah for me to learn to appreciate sweet tea. Now I think there is a minimum daily requirement in our house. :p

  2. Brittany,
    You are a hoot! I spent most of my life in the south and never really did understand sweet tea, although my husband swears by it.

  3. you crack me up girl. i love sweet tea. i would smack someone if they stared blankly while i asked.

    have a good weekend, darlin.

  4. This was so funny. Thanks for making me LOL on a stressful Friday!
    Try ordering 'English Breakfast Tea' and see where it gets you... I'd be interested in whether ordering it there gets the same reaction as it does in Michigan?!

  5. LMAO I love your list :) I wonder if I can come up with something as entertaining about moving from Malaysia to Chicago?

  6. @Mom-I bet it will get an even more extreme reaction!

    @Lynne-I bet you could just think about the things that make each place different.

  7. OMG! You crack me up. Love your stats, Dude. I LOVE Jack in the Box tacos! I grew up in Houston, TX but now live in Conway, AR where there is no alcohol and no Jack in the Box. WAAAAA! :)

  8. Hi Brittany,

    For quite sometime you have been a consistent constant entrecard dropper of mine. Much appreciated. Now there's an opportunity for me to say that what a kind soul you are. If you got time, please check out my blog.


  9. I say dude all the time too! I was just noticing that last night that almost everytime I speak to my husband I call him dude.


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