Monday, August 18, 2008

100 Random Facts About Your Local SuperGoddess Extraordinaire

I wanted to challenge myself to do this, and I finally finished it! By some Divine coincidence this happens to by my 100th post.

1. I was born and raised in St.Louis, MO, but I never consider myself anything other than a Southern girl.
2. My favorite movie is Gone with the Wind, I've watched it 10 times this year alone.
3. I never wear jeans. I mean it never.
4. I always notice everyone's eyebrows. And I obsess over my own.
5. I am grossed out by clean napkins.
6. I get the giggles at really bad times like during group prayer or funerals.
7. I drink milk with my pizza and orange juice with my Chinese food.
8. I have been to four countries on three continents, I know how blessed I have been.
9. I have my mother's nose; I resent her for it (jk, sorta).
10. I don't believe in love at first sight.
11. I live in fear of being tickled.
12. I visit wikipedia everyday. Usually more than once.
13. My mother is a much nicer, female version of Jeff Lewis from Bravo's flipping out.
14. I worry about my wedding, because I hate being the center of attention.
15. I bought a flip cell phone, to stop my butt from calling people.
16. I always want to buy whatever I see on info commercials, even stuff I would never use like knives or a flow bee.
17. After reading her book, I admire Tori Spelling.
18. If I were a golden girl I'd be Rose.
19. After many years of denying it, I finally admit it, I SNORE!
20. I’m obsessed with studying The Tudor period of English History.
21. A part of me likes being chubby, at least I get a great ass out of the deal.
22. I am a very forgiving person except when it comes to myself.
23. I collect anything with polar bears and snow globes.
24. Most of my crushes have turned out to be gay.
25. Adopting my brother's portly golden retriever has brought me as much joy as graduating from college.
26. I can tell the taste difference between bathroom water and kitchen water.
27. I dislike the bar and club scene.
28. I’m fascinated by serial killers.
29. I dream about visiting Russia, and touring the palaces of The Tzars.
30. My mother was in labor with me for an insanely long time.
31. I enjoyed wearing a school uniform.
32. I'm very religious; I just don't push it on ANYONE.
33. I'm scared to cut my hair short, because my mom did when I was 5, and someone asked me if I was a boy or a girl.
34. I have 2 siblings-BJ and Georgiana. Both of them are half siblings and I've only talked to Georgiana by e-mail.
35. I have a signature “I gotta potty” dance.
36. I type 70 WPM.
37. Once I woke up with a bruised rib for no explainable reason.
38. I took JROTC in high school, so I didn’t have to take P.E. JROTC was harder.
39. Horror movies have no affect on me.
40. The only subject I ever failed was unified geometry.
41. I consider myself a bad driver. Though most disagree.
42. The only “celebrity” I ever met was Amy Wynn from Trading Spaces.
43. I don't like being on the end of a drunk dial.
44. I hate ending sentences with prepositions, but I can't figure out how to avoid it.
45. I met my fiancé online eight years ago.
46. I named my two goldfish Jack & Rose, right after I saw the movie Titanic.
47. I took French for two years straight, and in that time I never learned to read, write, or speak it. I just memorized the information for the tests.
48. I think the best game in the universe is Monopoly.
49. I love tedious, repetitive tasks like HTML coding.
50. I am proud of the life I've made for myself in California.
51. Of all the seven deadly sins, I struggle most with jealousy.
52. I miss my grandfather everyday.
53. I embarrassingly enjoy reading celebrity gossip websites.
54. Every summer Olympics has coinciding with great times of change in my life (including this one).
55. The knowledge that I would one day die used to prevent me from falling asleep. Now I'm ok with that fact.
56. I think men in boxers look better than men in tighty whities.
57. In college my roommates and I had a poster of Adam Brody (Seth from the OC) on the wall in our bathroom stall.
58. If I didn’t hate public speaking so much, I would want to be a history teacher.
59. I took my first flight at 2 weeks old.
60. Due to my parents and grandparents being divorced; I used to have to attend 3 thanksgiving dinners.
61. I could eat Sushi everyday of my life.
62. I don’t want to have children until I’m 30.
63. I can only comb through my thick, curly hair while I’m in the shower. I still dread it because it is so painful.
64. I sometimes pretend that the lyrics of a song are written about me.
65. My paternal grandfather was a contestant on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.
66. I sometimes pretend I'm on America's Next Top Model and practice my catwalk in the hall.
67. It irks me when stores whip out holiday decorations months in advance.
68. I rock the side pony tail often.
69. I know things that bother me in other people are faults that I have myself.
70. I kept in touch with my ex's mother years after me and her son had broken up.
71. A teacher once asked me to write in print because my cursive was so bad.
72. I’ve been getting grey hairs since I was 15.
73. Anytime raw human emotion is shown in movies, I cry.
74. Compared to my loud mouth, opinionative, but loveably family, I’m a shrinking violet.
75. In middle school everyone called me Britney Spears (Ugh).
76. I love studying maps; I even have a world map as a shower curtain.
77. It may be childish but I want a beautiful dollhouse, so I can decorate with little dollhouse furniture.
78. I like to sleep with my bedroom the temperature of an Alaskan glacier.
79. My eyes change from blue to green depending on my mood.
80. I’ve been blogging on various sites since I was 14.
81. My biggest fear is crashing into a body of water in my car.
82. My favorite channel is BRAVO.
83. I shoplifted a pack of baseball cards for my older brother when I was five.
84. I was never given the sex talk, and I can honestly say that I don’t know how I learned about sex.
85. My favorite genre of books is historical fiction, but my most guilty pleasure is The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Series.
86. When I go to restaurants my greatest worry is I won’t be able to decide what I want before the waitress asks (it’s that crazy anxiety thing again).
87. I like pansy alcoholic drinks like Mike's Hard Lemonade and Malibu rum.
88. I have a really great complexion.
89. I really don’t like chocolate much at all.
90. I have keinbock’s disease, which is a unexplainable deterioration of tissue in my wrist, it can be pretty painful.
91. My least favorite chores are folding laundry and doing dishes. Buy me a dishwasher. STAT.
92. I’m addicted to Postsecret.
93. I’m not good at accepting compliments.
94. I think Jane Cleaver must have been stoned off her gourd.
95. My high school’s infamous Junior/Senior Egg Wars were featured on MTV’s High School Stories
96. I accidentally mimic other people's accents.
97. One of my all time favorite memories is when I was working at Target three summers ago. It was July 4th, and after the store had closed we climbed up top of the roof and watched the beautiful fireworks.
98. I am prone to ear infections.
99. I am often intimidated by men.
100. I have a pair of flips flops in almost every color.

If you are still reading this give yourself a cookie!


  1. I find something disturbing... ^^ anyway, you are the super plus extraordinaire so those might be normal, right?

  2. wow! you gotta lot of em sistah! You drink what wih what food in what? hahaha.. that is pretty cool!

  3. Where is my cookie? lol. I am also worried about the wedding. eeeek.

  4. I made a list like this once, the one line that people found hard to believe was that I had been to 46 US states and 74 countries.

  5. i'll have 2 cookies after all that , and i too have a ton of " flop flops". I have at least 30 different colors and heights, looooove em!

  6. I don't have any cookies, you must get me one! :p

    That thing about the broken rib, needs a post by itself I tell ya. that is just the oddest thing I've ever heard of!

    It was pretty interesting reading this. :)

  7. I tried to write one of these, but I got stuck at about 40. So you get to have the cookies for finishing the post!

  8. Rogue: Cool or disgusting?

    Laarni: I guess Ill get through it, so I'll have lots of gifts.

    Richard: I believe you, I wish I had those stats!

    Nessa: I said One not Two!

    Chica: Someday I will.

    Deb: I used it to procrastinate on other important projects.

  9. Very introspective. I'm going to have to do one of those lists. Great way to let people know about you. i enjoyed reading.

  10. Wow! What a list! As to number 10 - How about love at first words? That has happened to me a couple of times in my life. Interesting #99, but I guess we all have a few things that are for no reason. ;-)

  11. Yum a cookie!

    I find that I, too, accidentally copy people's accents. By the time I realize that I'm doing it I feel like I can't stop or they will think I was making fun of them, but if I keep going they'll think I'm making fun of them... it ends with me feeling bad about it.

  12. Wow, I love it. no need to do another meme! but thanks anyway, love you sites by the way!

  13. Thanks so much for posting this up. It really was fun and I feel like I know something interesting and cool about you now.

    I thought I would share my 100 fun facts with you.

    I hope you enjoy them and I look forward to reading more.

    - Jun Loayza


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