Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No One is Youer than You

My awesome blogger friend Shinade at The Painted Veil tagged me in the Unspectacular Meme. It's all about the little quirks that may not be important, but are a part of who you are. It's a lot of fun. While I'm not officially tagging anyone, I would love for everyone to do it. So as always if you play, I'll be happy to link you!

1. I am really disturbed by napkins. Not just dirty ones, clean ones too. It has to do with their texture. Touching it seriously sends chills down my spine; I really don’t know how this developed, but it seems like I’ve felt this way forever. I remember throwing fits when my mother would put a napkin on my dinner plate as a child. I do prefer using cloth napkins or paper towels, but in a pinch I will use a regular napkin. My friends love to tease and torture me about this. Once they even lined my dorm room floor with napkins while I was in class. And really I can laugh at myself about it, because I know this is weird.

2. While I know it’s not actually real, enriching, or worthwhile on any level, I absolutely love reality TV. I’ve been watching The Real World since Seattle. I eat up shows like Rock of Love, Top Chief, and Project Runway. I love to laugh over the insanity that is A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila. I watch America’s Next Top Model so often, that I find myself pretending my hallway is a catwalk.

3. I legally changed my last name when I turned 19. I took on my mother’s maiden name. I’ve had many problems with my father my entire life. He was not a good man, and very abusive to everyone in his life. When I became a teen, I broke away from him. Although we have a “relationship” now, it is not easy. I don’t regret my choice to change my name however. My mother was my rock, and raised me all by herself. And when I marry I will take Adam’s last name, but I plan to make my current last name my middle.

4. I never had any desire to learn to drive, and when I turned sixteen I was terrified. So when I was seventeen, my mother forced me to take my driver’s test. I failed the first time because of my nerves, but I did pass on the second try. But the test had made me so nervous, that I had broken out in hives. My driver’s license picture was atrocious, and I was to worked up to even drive myself home. My mom did the right thing though, I would have never have gotten it otherwise.

5. I rarely treat myself to them, but I love pedicures. I have tiny, tiny toenails that are near impossible for me to paint by myself. Even the pedicurist has trouble with them, but it’s the only time I get to have pretty toes. And pretty toes make me feel pretty. Plus is there anything better than sitting in a massage chair and skimming through magazines? I think not.

6. Although I recently moved in with my fiancĂ©, and we are sharing a bed, we are not sleeping together. We have never even had sex. This is a decision we talked about and made together after much thought. It has less to do with religion, and more to do with what we thought would be better for our relationship. Although I’m not a virgin, I do see sex as a big deal. And we decided that we knew we would get married, and that we wanted to have something to look forward to on our wedding night. So that it’s not just like any other night. Sometimes it’s hard to wait, but we are still a intimate and happy couple. Plus, we never have pregnancy scares. I don’t think our way is the best way for everyone, but it’s the best way for us.


  1. I was once where you were... laughing at the world and feelinh sane amidst *its* craziness... yet living in an entirely differnt one altogether.

    If you ever want to know the Truth... if you ever want the secret to having Joy and Hope and knowing how to deal with all things that confront you...
    let me know.

    I can just tell there is something really special and pure about your soul...

    I pray you will email me sometime.

    Many blessings-

  2. Hi! First time reader here. This post caught my attention because of the abstinence comment. I think it's great that there are still couples willing to make sacrifices for the future of their relationship!


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