Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Like Taking Candy from a Blonde

There is so much I love about the new neighborhood we live in compared to our old one. At the previous place, we were constantly plagued by police cars and loud, drunken, party going idiots. And not the cute, polo wearing, frat kind, but the ones who have outgrown that stage but refuse to accept their reality. Oh and not to mention that preacher with the megaphone, who was always carrying on about why it didn't matter that Jesus never sported an afro (I'm not even kidding).

But the best thing about this new place has to be that many things are within walking distance. There is a Mickey D's, a clothing store, a donut shop, and a 3-n-1 hole in the wall place that specializes in teriyaki, BBQ, and Sushi. They must be pretty talented there, to be able to master all three styles! The place kind of scares me, but I love sushi so much that I'm almost willing to risk the food poisoning. But most important of all, the grocery store is only a block away. Adam and I only have one car, so when he is working I often feel cooped up. So I will occasionally walk to the store to grab a pint of strawberry banana froyo, or a sandwich for lunch when everything in the cupboard is unappealing. It gets me out of the house, if only for 20 minutes.

I really enjoy these walks. I break out the ipod, and lip-synch the whole way there, avoiding the “that girl must be insane” looks from the neighbors. I always pass three really cute children who are always playing their make believe games. They yelp, “hi, hi, hi” non-stop as I pass. I always smile, and return their hellos before being tempted to buy them candy at the store. But I'm afraid they will like my candy a lot and will learn that taking candy from strangers is actually ok. But I grew up in St.Louis, I saw the child safety videos, and know taking candy from strangers is only ok on government sanctioned holidays or from banks. .

I took one of these walks today. It took me over an hour in the grocery store, because I was being my usual fickle self. I'd put something in my basket, then change my mind and put it back. Only to go back and retrieve it a minute later. Because I know if I choose chicken ramen instead of beef ramen the WORLD MAY END. This is why I honestly shouldn't be allowed to shop alone. But all that back and forth surely burns lots of calories. After I made my final choices, it struck me that I hadn't grabbed my wallet before I left the house. This kind of thing happens to me all the time. I live in a perpetual blonde moment. Yes you could say that I would lose my head if it wasn't screwed on, or any other colorful euphemisms you can think of that would imply I'm flighty. So flighty that I do in fact worry that when I have a baby, I will set it down and forget where I left it.

After weighing all my options and deciding I couldn't pay for my groceries on my good looks alone. I knew I would just have to go back home. I knew I could not face grocery shopping all over again (all those decisions!) So I decided that I would leave my cart and hopefully it would be waiting for me when I returned. I sprinted home and believe me this girl never runs. And after two more rounds of "hi, hi, hi” with the children, I was ecstatic to find my cart in the same place that I had left it.

But I have a slight confession to make. One that I am not proud of but definitely don’t regret. I stand before you tonight completely unapologetic. Because a). you know you have considered doing it and b). who really cares? My froyo had gotten a bit melty after my mid-afternoon jog, so what else was I to do but switch my old one with a brand spanking new, frozen one. Because this girl just has to have her froyo.


  1. Girl you crack me up. I am the same way when I shop. Takes me forever when left to my own devices. Btw pork ramen is where its at.

  2. ha! do you have one of those rolly carts like you see in chinatown, nyc? i think i'd have one if i lived in your location - plus some have built in seats!

  3. Nobody likes melty Froyo. You are forgiven. As long as I am not the one behind you who ended up with your old one!


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