Monday, June 16, 2008

Five Things I'm Totally Diggin This Summer

1. Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Banana FroYo
This is just about as delicious as it looks. While I'm sure it still isn't the most nutritional food around, I feel less guilty scarfing down a pint of this, than a pint of triple chocolate brownie.
2. Yellow Box Flip Flops
Shoes would never grace my feet if I had any thing to say about it. But with the "No Shoes, No Shirt, No service" policy most places have, I compromise. So flips flops is about all I ever wear, even in the winter. These can run a little bit on the expensive side. But they are really durable and extremely cute.

I read this site daily, and it sends me into giggle fits. I love post-its, and I am the queen of passive aggressive. I have sent and received several passive aggressive notes in my lifetime. Have you?
4. Herbal Essence's Totally Twisted
I won't even begin to brief you on the years I've spent fighting my hair. Years spent waking up hours before school even started just to straighten it (and usually it didn't work anyway). But I finally found a way to work with my curls. And yes, I am a sucker for pretty packaging, but this stuff really works. And it smells wonderful.
5. Lego Indiana Jones- The Video Game
I'm not a big video game player, but Adam and I have spent several hours playing this together. Its just silly and fun, and a great tribute to the original movies.


  1. The Post Its are great -- I just bookmarked them.

    Speaking of legos, have you come across this piece by Eddie Izzard?

  2. we love the Indy game, too. Have you found all the fun stuff, like Poo Treasure (just what it says) and Santa Claus?



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