Saturday, June 28, 2008

Et Tu, Facebook?

I never really accepted the fact that facebook is the root of all evil until tonight. Sure I’ve had my suspicions, but I was always the first to jump in and defend its good name. When someone would say,"facebook is so stupid,” I would intelligently reply, "Well yeah? YOU'RE STUPID!"

Besides being a major time waster, Facebook has gotten me into trouble before. Like when I first signed up, and I accidentally marked that I was only interested in dating women. It stayed that way for two whole weeks, until my former suite mate pulled me aside in the cafeteria and said, "That she didn't care, but she had no idea I was a lesbian, even after living with me for nearly a year." I didn't date much that year (are you really that surprised?)

Also when my friend Monique climbed atop a second story awning in our dorm, and our RA rounded the corner the second we had coaxed her back inside, we assured her nothing had gone awry. But someone who will not be named *cough* me *cough* forgot her RA was a facebook friend and posted photographic evidence. Whoops.

Even with all these betrayals, I stuck by facebook. But Thursday when I posted a small status message about how I had a slight earache that I needed to go away because I couldn't afford to go to the doctor, I didn't know that facebook would bite me in the butt. I had orientation for my job on Friday. Since I haven't been working, I've been staying up till 3-4 AM every night, which isn't an easy habit to break. But it didn't matter that I went to bed at 4 AM the night before orientation, because I didn't have to get up till noon.

My cell phone rang at 7:30 AM, a mere three and a half hours after I had gone to bed. A family friend had told my mom about my facebook status. My lovely worrywart of a mom was crazed. "Why didn't you tell me you had an infection? I would pay for the medical care if you couldn't afford it. I found this clinic GO THERE NOW."

I explained to my mom, that it was a slight earache that I had been treating which was going away. Of course, I would have told you if I had needed anything. And can I please go back to sleep? I have orientation today."I understand her concern. I’ve had tons of ear problems like infections, fungus, and other weird ailments. Plus there was that time I got a pencil eraser stuck in my ear. But I couldn't go back to sleep, I was exhausted all day, and exhausted during orientation. But on a side note, I am so excited about working now.

So after my mom woke me up, I put up a new status, "Mom woke me up at 8:30, when I didn't have to be up till noon. Must kill mom." So today when I talked to my mother she said, "So I hear you want to kill me."


  1. Oh this cracks me up. I have a similar issue with myspace and the status reports. My stepmom will call me after I post something that is of course embarrassing. My personal favorite-"You're hung over?? Why are you drinking??!!!" Can our parents please please go back to being ignorant of email. Please?

  2. this is a funny story. =) btw, i have a tag for you here. grab it when you can or after you kill your mom =)

  3. This is hillarious and trust me I got myslef in trouble few times just with facebook status.LOL

  4. this is hilarious, thank goodness my mom is not up on all this internet stuffs! I want to get more into facebook but on the other hand I'm not sure why.


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