Monday, May 5, 2008

You Look Like a Monkey

Happy Birthday Adam!

Today is your birthday, though I imagine you would almost rather me not acknowledge it at all. To you, a birthday is not a big deal. You even hid the date on facebook so no one will know it’s your birthday. Don’t worry though, I’m telling people so they will wish you a happy birthday anyway. Not being into birthdays makes absolutely no sense to me. I love birthdays. I get excited for my birthday weeks in advance. I look forward to checking my facebook page to see how many birthday messages I received. I guess you would call me a birthday whore. But celebrating your birthday just kicks off the birthday season, since mine is only two weeks away. See you birthday makes me excited about my birthday, how selfless is that?

There is nothing really that special about 24. It seems that after 21, there is no other big birthday to look forward to. But there is one really awesome thing about 24. In the words of Jessica Simpson, “I’m old. 24 is almost 25, and that’s almost mid-twenties!” Truer words were never spoken.

For your birthday, I promise to be a being of sunshine and light. I will refrain from my usual mantra of lameo and loser (high class insults my friends). I will not bug you about your diet, or try to convince you that vegetables and fruit are an essential part of a healthy diet. And will you please, please just try a bite of my food. I will not even grimace when you wear a navy shirt with black pants.

I will finally admit that I did eat all your orange tic tacs and hide the evidence under the couch cushions. I meant to throw it away the next day, but I forgot. And when you found it, and asked me about it I was shamed. I had no choice but to lie, it was a matter of life and death. I know you’ve had your suspicions about this, but now I’m coming clean. Also, I often sneak pieces of your ring bologna off your plate when you leave the room. And I leave the skin on, just like you hate it when I do. *Whoosh* Now I can sleep at night.

In four days I will be with you, five days I will be graduating, in six days I will move in with you, and in eleven months we will wed. Sometimes I feel like I have to pinch myself to see if this is real. Who could have guess that the guy I randomly imed on AIM, seven years ago, would one day be my husband.

Not that it’s been easy. There were those years that I was a bitch. And the times when both of us were so stubborn we weren’t getting anywhere. But when we stopped acting like totally idiots, things started falling into place. And I know you are my soul mate for the simple fact that you also believe The Cookie Monster should be allowed to eat his cookies, and that Pluto will always be a planet.

Thank you for being the one true person that I don’t ever have to be strong in front of. And even though you don’t understand my anxiety, never telling me to, “get over it.” You make me smile, and you make me laugh. And nothing is more important in this life than laughter.

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