Saturday, May 3, 2008

SuderGoddess's Playlist Volume 1: Break-up Songs

Don't you hate how when you ask someone the question, "What kind of music do you like?" And they answer, "Everything." It doesn't seem like it's an honest answer. But I really do like a little bit of everything pop, rock, oldies, and *gasp* even country. Music has always been my escape and a source of happiness.

Even though I really am goo-goo, ga-ga eyed with my fiance, and don't see a break-up in the future. I think break-up songs are essential to our culture. And that people will never get tired of these songs and bands will never stop writing them.

I've put together a playlist of some of my faves. These cross over many muscial genres and have many different messages.

Stronger Woman by Jewel and Love Don't Live Here Anymore by Lady Antebellum are songs about finally standing up for yourself and getting over the scumbags that keep pulling you down. And yes, you may tease me but Mandy Moore and Ashlee Simpson did make the cut. Gardenia is an AMAZING ballad about learning about yourself because of a break-up. And I do see Ashlee Simpson as a litte bit annoying, but her voice has a raspy quality I do love. And Little Miss Obsessive has lyrics I can really relate to.

Our Last Night by Better than Ezra is probably my favorite song right now. Lovely, lovely song about reflecting back on a long, lost Summer Love. Kate Vogele is a skinny, little thing with a bluesy sound. And Wish You Were is a testament to how sometimes we refuse to acknowledge how wrong a person is for us.

Shakira's Song Don't Bother is an kick ass song that reminds me of my high school days of blasting Shakira in my room, and dancing around in my underwear. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a fun song about a break-up gone terriably, terriably wrong.

Missing You by Tyler Hilton and Insensitive by Jann Arden are both covers of older songs. But they are tastefully done, and always put me in a reflective mood. I’m also a huge fan of Taylor Swift and her song Cold As You is just stunning.

I've had a crush on Jonathan Rhys Meyers ever since I first started watching The Tudors. I knew the boy was a fox. But who knew he could SING. His song This Time from the movie August Rush is nothing short of amazing.

Hate Me by Blue October is something I chose because it is about total selflessness. Letting go of someone because you know it’s what is best for them, even when it’s not best for you. Plus the lead in with the voice mail from his mother is haunting. It may just give you chills.

Takin' Off This Pain by Ashton Shepard always makes me want to drive to the nearest bar, dance on the tables, and flick everyone off. Not really. But its still fun.

And last but not least is Coin-Operated Boy by The Dresden Dolls. The beat is unique. And the song sometimes leans to the side of dirty, but only in a double entendre kind of way. But its really about a girl who is just "bitter" about dating and men. And when I hear it, I can't get it out of my head for hours.

So now I ask you what are your favorite break-up songs?


  1. Cool list, my favorite songs after a break up are the usual hard rock songs, such as godsmack's 'Keep away' and similar stuff to that. Can you tell I haven't updated my tunes in awhile? lol :)

  2. thanks for the recommendations! i actually just a bought a few of them on your list so that's awesome!

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