Wednesday, March 19, 2008


As most everyone already knows, I got engaged over the weekend in Gatlinburg. And with no exaggeration, I have to say it was the very best day of my entire life. I was not entirely certain Adam would propose this weekend, but I was mainly sure. And 100% positive after he had asked my mother for my hand in marriage. Originally, I had asked Adam not to do so. Only because I always saw that as a father tradition and I usually shirk away from those only because they can be hurtful. But after some thought I realized I really wanted him to do that. My mother was both my mother and father, and is there any better way to honor that? My mother and Adam spent nearly an hour talking. I’m amazed at how well they get along, and how much they respect each other. He has even started calling her mom. And she loves it, and it’s just another way that I know he is perfect for me. The man I know I’m supposed to be with.

All day in Gatlinburg on Monday, I tried to not to wonder when he was going to pop the question, I really was not successful however. So we went Mini-golfing, to the aquarium, and took the chairlift up the mountain for the most amazing views of the Smokey’s. There were several times I thought he might be proposing. Once in the aquarium-I lost sight for him for a few minutes, and was a little worried about turning around to look for him because I thought I might turn around mid-proposal! LOL. But alas no. But all day he didn’t propose, and the obsessive/ nervous part of me started to think he forgot or changed his mind. LOL. But I tried to put it out of my mind, knowing we still had time left.

In the evening, we decided to sit on the balcony and just soak up the view. We had our comforter wrapped around us because it was chilly and I commented on how we looked like a pair of old people. And before I even realized what was happening, he was on one knee with the ring. And telling me we should grow old together and how he never had been surer of anything in his life. I said YES, of course. We called our families. And I talked to Adam’s mother and grandmother for the first time. I can’t wait to be a part of a family like that.

It was the perfect proposal for me. We are both a little bit shy and are not really big on PDA. And I don’t know if I would have expressed my joy that unrestrained otherwise. And although he said he had bounced around some other ideas, I think he knew this was best. The ring is beautiful and more extravagant that I ever thought it would be. He has good taste, and the matching wedding band was stunning (haha I wore them both for a little while-before relenting and letting him take it home with him). I cooked spaghetti and we drank red wine for celebration.

I always thought when I was engaged it would be such a bragging point. I wanted to make sure otheres knew because I never used to believe I was pretty or deserving of love (I do now). But once I got it on my finger, I didn’t want any of that. It’s nice to share but because it’s about happines and love, but it’s not a bragging right. It’s so much more than that. And when he left this morning I wasn’t as devastated as I usually am. I was sad, but never shed a tear. I feel more secure now than ever before. And I can’t quit smiling like the Cheshire cat and looking at my finger. And now I’m just counting down the days till we don’t say goodbye anymore.

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