Tuesday, January 1, 2008

About Me

I am Brittany E., a 23 year old self-described super goddess extraordinaire. I’m fun, neurotic, and forever my mother's daughter. I have the sweetest, most charming, techie husband, Adam. He is from Wisconsin and spends many days during football season celebrating or moping around the house with a Packer’s cheese hat on his head. This makes it impossible to ever take him very seriously. We have a very sweet golden retriever named Sarah, who is our world. This is what happens when a couple doesn’t have children.

I was born in St.Louis, Missouri, but at the age of 11 my mother's job transferred us to Alabama. I thought my life was over, but it turns out sitting on the porch sipping sweet tea suited me just fine. Then in May 2008, right after my college graduation, I packed everything I owned into my tiny Honda Civic and drove cross country to move in with my then fiancé in Southern California. I am not a spontaneous person, so that is the craziest thing I’ve ever done. Luckily he married me, so I didn't end up having to hustle up and down the Pacific Coast Highway.

Even though I have given up cotton fields and cows, for smog, high prices, and traffic, things are working out pretty well. But as a country singer once said, "Being married ain’t the struggle, you could stay that way forever, the hardest part is the living together.” But if Adam could learn not to put empty containers back into the fridge, our LIFES WOULD BE PERFECT.

I work with children by day, and am a counseling grad school student by night. In my free time, I neither do housework nor watch any soaps, so I'm obviously wasting my life way. But I’d much rather spend my time walking my dog on the beach, looking for the answers to life’s questions on Wikipedia, overdosing on sushi, and playing God on the Sims 2. My short term goal involves eating some ice cream, and my long term goal would be to get my masters degree and open up my own private practice.

I love Malibu Banana Rum, playing board games, and quiet nights in. I enjoy TV that is really, really awful. But I figure that is OK because I admit that it is really, really awful. I can't get enough of country music (though I like all kinds) and I have a rather unhealthy obsession with all things Taylor Swift. I can also tell you about every cast mate that ever was on the Real World. And that my friend is sad.


  1. hey brittney
    i could relate to the fear and worries
    check out my blog

  2. One late night in bed, I rattled off everyone who had been on the real world, to my husband, and I think he lost respect for me LOL. I found you through entrecard, just wanted to say hello!

  3. Everyone's short term goal should involve eating ice cream. In fact, I think I'll ditch my meeting and hit Cold Stone. :-)


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