Thursday, January 31, 2008


Every few months I change my blog layout, and I wanted a place to keep up with all my past designs. These are thumbnails of all my previous designs, I've hidden this page way back in my archives. Here is the good, the bad, and the pink! Click on the thumbnails to enlarge any image.

Version 1.0
Life & Times of Brittany E.

Version 2.0
Not Your Everyday SuperGoddess

Version 3.0Not Your Everday SuperGoddess (Diary of B)
Version 4.0
Complete Unsubtle Irony
Version 5.0
An Imitation of Sanity

Version 6.0
Not As Fun as A Barrel of Monkeys
Version 6.2 Christmas 2009
With All the Tender Sweetness of a Seasick Crocodile

Version 7.0
So Wrong, On So Many Levels
Version 8.0
A Southern Girl in Southern California

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