Friday, March 19, 2010

Forfeiting All My Cool Points

I always think its funny that some of the things we love the most, are the things we don't want get on a mega horn and broadcast to the world. But I actually think it is kind of fun to talk about the silly little things we love. So these are a few of my favorite things.... (que Sound of Music score now)!

1. Britney Spears
    Although I've mentioned this on the blog before, I still find this positively mortifying Are you even allowed to enjoy her after you are out of the teeny bopper stage? And didn't she stop being relevant after the 90s? I blast Circus in my car, and listen to 3 when I walk the dog. I just hope no one ever catches me lip-synching along, and asks me what I'm listening to. I'll just have to say something classy like "Ella Fitzgerald."

2. Coneheads
    When anyone asks me what my favorite movie is I say Gone with the Wind. And Gone with the Wind is truly one of my favorites. I watch it about once a month, and just get caught up in the dresses, scenery, and the hotness of Clark Gable. But if I really had to tell the truth my favorite movie is the Coneheads. Its that silly little movie about aliens who get trapped on Earth, and try to blend into American life. Its corny, and even gross in some parts. Like when Balthazar opens up his mouth and there are like 15 rows of teeth. Then there’s that part where the mother's water breaks and it’s like a massive flash flood. Sometimes I will be scrolling through the channels and it will be on, and no matter what I'm doing I drop it to watch. I think it’s a nostalgia thing, since I've loved that movie ever since I was a little girl.

3. Jersey Shore
      I'm all about some Reality TV. Give me some mind numbing goodness anytime. I love the table flipping, back stabbing, prostitution whore calling, and cattiness that is The Real Housewives of Wherever franchise. I've watched The Real World since Seattle, and embarrassingly enough I'm so going to check out the Real World D.C. house, when I go on my vacation there in two weeks. But I had planned to stay away from The Jersey Shore, because it seemed even below my very own low standards. And then one day there was a Jersey Shore marathon on MTV, and the TV started whispering to me, "WATCH ME!" I was mesmerized. All those kids do is sleep all day, go clubbing, make-out, and go to bed. Then rinse and repeat. Yet it is just amazeballs. Also Gym! Tan! Laundry! It cracks me up every time. OK, I feel dirty now.

4. Wedding Magazines
    In two and a half weeks, I will be celebrating my first wedding anniversary, but I'm still reading wedding magazines! I still remember when I bought my first wedding magazine in December 2007, and I guess I got addicted to that high on the first hit. It's kind of embarrassing to head to the check out, and be asked when the big date is. Usually I just mumble something about it not being for me, but I'm sure my beat red face and ring finger gives it away every time. I just love the pretty layouts and all the creative ideas they come up with. I feel like I get lots of great ideas for parties and events in general. Plus, I'm just in love with love and weddings in general.

5. White Castle Burgers
     I think White Castle's (Krystal's in the South) cheeseburgers are like little pieces of heaven. You bite into them and the onions, pickles, and cheese blend together so masterfully. Does White Castle even make any other kind of food? Does it even matter? Because if you go to White Castle to get a hot dog or some fish, I just don't know if we can be friends. These burgers are not the most sexy food in the world, and they for sure aren't the healthiest, but I just can't get enough. This craving is only intensified by the fact that there are no White Castles out here! What the heck Long Beach?!? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PLACE?


  1. I LOVE the Coneheads!!! :) I thought and still think that movie is too funny. At lunch time, I do the "lunch, lunch, lunch" mantra so we all know it is time to dine. :)

    It's been years since I have eaten a White Castle burger...sadly there aren't any that close to me.

  2. I don't think she was ever relevant, just a mess and one that young girls should not model themselves after, or respect.

    I love White Castles's a couple of times of year. They also have great milk shakes.

  3. I am way out of the teeny bopper stage and hate to admit it, but I like some of Britney's music too. And the Coneheads, can you say flashback, who doesn't love the Coneheads ;)

  4. Hey Brittany, its been quite awhile that I blog due to re-location! Just drop by to check on you!!!!

  5. oh my goodness, you must have read my mind about Britney Spears. I have both those songs on my itouch but don't listen to them. I think I'm going to remove them, ha.

  6. I'm guilty of dancing to my share of Britney songs. I also can't help but tune into the circus that is her life. I hate/love reading about it. Terrible I know.

    Aw Coneheads. I love that movie! They just don't make funny movies like that anymore.

    My cool points get turned in when I mention my love of Star Trek. Not even the original, which is what the geeks watch, but the Next Generation...which isn't even as "sciencey". So I consider myself an oober dork for that one!

  7. omg! You can absolutely rock out to Britney whenever, however, and ALWAYS!!!

    I do anyway ;-)

  8. Brittney and WHITE CASTLE, OMG. SO AMAZING. Those burgers are full of YUM. Sidenote: I still haven't caught Jersey Shore.


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