Friday, February 26, 2010

Past Blast- Dorm Room Philosophy Edition

This is a second journal entry in the Past Blast series. This was written on Spetember 24, 2004, when I was a freshmen at the W. My commentary is in red. Any spelling errors or typos are original.

There are hobbies that I like to do only every now and then. I like the term every now and then. Every now and then creates a good relationship. It doesn't let your water run dry....nor does it flood you. It surrounds you with the perfect peace (I am basking in the utter profoundness of that statement, notice I didn't mention any of these "hobbbies." I just wanted to sound cool by saying that, I'm certain. Like when I would cuss in third grade). 

 Everyone has come back to the humble dormatory (after labor day weekend). I have to say Im glad to have everyone back. It got slow. Wow, it seems like the whole focus for most people was to have sex this weekend, which hearing about these endless/fruitless pursuits is kind of funny in a way (I used to like to think that my life was like one long episode of Sex in the City. Even though I was not doing anything at all).

People freak out that college kids are having sex, i freak out because college kids are having sex without protection (thanks for the public service annoucement, Brittany. That sounds like something someone would say on those NBC "The More You Know" commercials).

 My room is so cold. I have to sleep in sweats. Stealing Robyn's term I live in the land of eternal winter (yeah that room was never comfortable anytime ever).

 These girl are becoming my friends fast. But I still wish for something. I wish I could have my new college life but bring my old friends along with me.

 Took orders tonight and jumped in the car with Santana and Christina to go to Taco Bell. We had 9 orders to get, but they only let you do three orders per car. So we had to just keep going around and around, it was starting to get ridiculus (this was traumatizing to me, going through drive-thrus has always made me nervous, and I bet those people were getting tired of us). She drove really fast and it made me a tad nervous, but I made it out alive (she was probably going 25 mph, I am the worst passenger ever).

Ive been invited to a party next weekend after the game. I will most likely go, I have that hot new dress that I LOVE. But most likely I will be the sober sister just because I worry about everyone else (goody two shoes, much?). And Im not a huge drinker (I remember that party, I drove and didn't drink. We hit a police road block coming home, and the minute he approached the car I got nervous and blurted I HAVEN'T BEEN DRINKING. He laughed at me for a good five minutes. Oye.).

My cousin Crystal IMED (back when my life revolved around my AIM chat window) me today and said she had a question for me. I was getting pretty nervous since I have cut off all ties with that family. I was worried she would ask if I would be home for thanksgiving or vice versa (how does vice versa make any since in that sentence? Vice Versa what?). But she didnt, just asked for a recipe for dip (best DIP ever). Thank God, it was such a relief.


  1. These crack me up....I loved the cop story! Sounds like something I would have done.

  2. I love how you summed up the weekend in a nutshell. It really was about who slept with who, who's no longer sleeping with who, and who wanted to sleep with who. It was so silly wasn't it? But also pretty entertaining. I loved how you were a little goody two shoes. You were the mom of the group huh? Always taking care of everyone! :-)


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