Friday, January 29, 2010

Brittany Bakes: Blue Cheese, Walnut, & Pear Pizza

Well cooks actually. OK so the honest to goodness truth and slightly embarrassing confession I have to make is I got the idea to make this pizza from watching an episode of Teen Mom. Which I have watched religiously since they were on 16 and Pregnant, and I am really looking forward to the reunion show next week. Though the finale episode last week irked me because when Tyler and Catelynn went to pick up their six month adoption package,  the letter from their adoptive parents clearly spoke of Catelynn and Tyler's recent engagement, and she was wearing her engagement ring. But the couple didn't get engaged till the end of the episode! Holy Reality Show Integrity, MTV! I thought the whole internet would be up in arms about this, but alas I'm the only one in the world who noticed (according to the almighty Google). Next, I will find out that The Real World isn't real.

But anyway one of the girls, Farrah, mentioned she was making a walnut, pear, and blue cheese pizza for dinner and those are three of my favorite foods so I had to try it. It blew my mind.
Walnut, Pear, and Blue Cheese Pizza
Pizza Crust (Home Made or Store Bought)
Alfredo Sauce (Store Bought)
Crumbled Blue-Cheese (or most any other white cheese you like)
Pears or Apples (I love the tangy flavor or Pears)
Some Olive Oil for drizzling (optional)

Spread Alfredo sauce on the pizza crust to form a base, and put on as many or as little toppings as you like. Cook according to directions on pizza crust package. The only thing I would change the next time I make this is to use less walnuts, because I went a little walnut crazy.


  1. Sounds interesting....and one I'm sure my kids will never eat so I will have to wait for an evening when they are away. :)

  2. i watch teen mom obessesively even til this day on and everytime i watch the episode where farrah makes this pizza i'm glued to the screen because it sounds so good. i finally decided to yahoo the receipe and i came to your site. THANK YOU!!!!


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