Saturday, November 28, 2009

Santa Degradation and Other Thoughts

We went to the mall today, to pick up various items that we needed. A process that I dreaded because the mall will be packed from here to Christmas, and there is nothing less fun than shopping in a crowd. First, we went to Target to print out photos for our up coming court case. Oh I probably haven't mention that before, because of the ridiculousness of this case, but lets just say our previous landlords are big butts. * Grumble*. Next we went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Hallmark to look at Christmas decoration type stuff. Do you know that they sell Christmas themed toilet covers? I found a picture to prove it. This is so wrong, on so many levels. It is degrading to Santa. Sadly I could see my mother buying this.

My mother's house every year looked like Christmas exploded. She even has a snowman cover for her computer monitor. Even though I have always teased her about it, it is exactly the kind of house you would want to wake up in on Christmas morning. And she always had other ways of making Christmas extra special. One year she had ordered some teddy bear for me from a catalog, and when it arrived the nose was mushed in. So she put a letter in my stocking from Santa, apologizing for letting Rudolph step on my bear. I could care less about the crushed nose, because I had a letter from Santa! Not just any letter, but an apology letter. Score.
Last year I spent Christmas with Adam's family in Wisconsin, and while I enjoyed the snow and the company- I missed my family. We had always planned to go home to see my family this year, but as luck (see stupid court case) and finances would have it, I'm the only one that can afford to go home. So I'm flying home alone on December 19th and staying through the 23rd. My family and I are just going to celebrate a few days early. Because if it can be helped at all, I will never spend Christmas without Adam. At first, I was a little disappointed that he would not get to experience the Ervin Christmas Extravagance. But then my mom decided to send us her old Christmas tree, and we purchased three matching stockings (one for each of us, and one for the pooch). We don't have a lot of money for gifts this year, but I'm really looking forward to our quiet little Christmas together. And and excited about forming our own Christmas traditions.
P.S-I rolled out my annual Christmas blog layout. I hope you like.


  1. I agree with you on the Santa toilet seat cover...why? :)

    Sorry to hear about your troubles with the former landlord.....especially since it appears to be preventing Adam from joining you on your trip. But all that aside....I'm sure your first Christmas together will be wonderful.

  2. There are some pretty attrocious Christmas decorations out there, and that one probably tops them all! I love Christmastime too though. If I had my way we'd have a lot more decorations up than we do now, but Match is more of a bah humbug. He promised when we have kids we can have a lot more up though. I'll try to refrain from adding that Santa toilet cover to the collection. ;-)


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