Monday, October 26, 2009

Locking Her in the Closet Until She Turns 18

This is a text conversation between my niece and my mother. It is important to note that no one had even mentioned Christmas when this conversation started.

Kayla: I want cash for Christmas.
Mom: Oh is that right? What do you want to spend it on?
Kayla: Stuff for me only.

An hour goes by before she texts again:

Kayla: Are Aunt Brittany and Uncle Adam getting me a gift also?

As if to say, "Let's stop them in case they are planning to buy me a real gift that I might actually love!"

Y'all the teenage years are fast approaching,

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  1. As the mother of 18 and 15 year old girls....oh the tales I could tell!! But oh what a ride! :)


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