Wednesday, August 19, 2009

When Your Family is on Facebook

So recently it seems that my entire family has joined facebook. I am now friends with my nieces, mother, aunt, and cousins. I am friends with my mother on facebook!! I mean shouldn't there be laws against such things? Plus, she now thinks she is so hip, because she's doing what the kids do. Jokingly, I've always told her she is too old for facebook. The way things are going, soon my grandmother will start poking me on facebook, and then my social networking life will be over.

So yesterday I was teasing my niece about her overuse of emoticons. I think the issue is hereditary, because I can hardly write one comment without a :). It really is a sickness. And this is the conversation that followed:

Then today I was looking at the roster for my class that starts tomorrow, and there is a girl whose first name is Princess. I've always dreamed of being a princess. And I haven't quite accepted the fact that becoming a princess isn't a viable career option for me. So I thought I'd post a status about it just for my mom. See how cruel my mom can be!

365 days ago (give or take):
Facebook has gotten me into trouble before. Like when I first signed up, and I accidentally marked that I was only interested in dating women. It stayed that way for two whole weeks, until my former suite mate pulled me aside in the cafeteria and said, "That she didn't care, but she had no idea I was a lesbian, even after living with me for nearly a year." I didn't date much that year (are you really that surprised?)
See facebook really is evil!!


  1. my mom & majority of my family are on facebook, which is why i do NOT link to my blog, and i do NOT do any kind of other social media on there. OH GOD, if they found me around here, my life would be OVER on the internet. *Shudders*

  2. I signed up for Facebook some time ago but I don't visit that often. My daughters favor MySpace and have threatened to disown me if I ever sign up for that. I don't understand why they wouldn't want me to....I offered to add them as friends and post all the cute little stories about their childhood on there (insert appropriate emoticon here) ~ :)

  3. I've been on Facebook for quite a while. OMG, if my daughter ever joined! Egad, how embarrassing that would be!

  4. Oh that's funny! My whole family has pretty much joined facebook too. My grandma has always been a bit more "trendy" than me. She's got pink streaks in her hair, and she was an extra in the movie, The Hangover. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised that she's on there. However, her posting sexy pictures of herself on her profile...just a wee bit disturbing!!
    Oh, and as far as my aunts, uncles, and cousins now on there, I feel like I have to censor everything I write! What's worse is I have a client from work on there. My blog is my only refuge!!

  5. Ha-ha, my cousin was SO mad when I had my grandmother, who at my age, 31 did not bother my, but to him a 24 yr old teaching in Korea trying to fit in with other young teachers, having your grandma comment on your page....well it mortified him...and to top it off my aunt told her what LOL mean so now she uses it Regularly. HAHA....LOL!
    This made me laugh...ty!


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