Monday, August 10, 2009

The Wedding of Mr.& Mrs. Banana Pt.2

On Friday morning, the girls and I headed to Anna's small hometown right outside of Tupelo for a little eyebrow waxing and Mexican food. Now we have always called Anna's hometown Deliverance. She claims it is nothing like Deliverance. But I swear to you every time we go there we see lots of roadkill, narrow dirt roads, and ALWAYS hear shots being fired in the distance. The only thing missing is the dueling banjos. But that is taken care of when we start humming the deliverance theme song, and then Anna starts yelling, "IT'S NOT DELIVERANCE."
After lunch we were supposed to meet with Ana, to help her set up her reception hall. But Ana wasn't yet in town, so we went back to the hotel for a few hours. By that time I had only slept three hours in two days, and it occurred to me that I should probably take a nap. But instead we stayed in bed giggling like a bunch of school girls because of an episode of Wife Swap. During the introduction, the announcer introduced a family who is really busy, except for the husband who is a loner that plays the organ. But of course the announcer said, "The family stays really busy, except for the husband, who stays home alone to play with his organ in the basement." OK, so maybe we were lacking sleep or we just have the mentality of 12 yr old boys in puberty, but that seemed like the funniest thing ever. In fact, we laughed about that all weekend. The man stays at home to play with his organ in the basement!! Oye, that's good.
Finally, Banana got into town and we headed over to the reception hall. Now I'm not in the wedding party, but I planned to help because I love her. Plus she helped me with my wedding favors, after I had gotten my nails done which made me lose all ability to use my hands. Banana was definitely not a bridezilla, more like a bananazilla. Not in the mean way, just in the really overwhelmed way. I felt that way too, and I remember the morning of my wedding I cried for 45 minutes because I just didn't know how everything would get done.
Ana's wedding was at 5 o'clock on Saturday, she walked down the aisle to "Oh" by the Dave Matthew's Band. The thing I will always remember from the ceremony is the look on the groom's face. Jason is a really laid back guy, and you never see much emotion on his face. But as the wedding party was walking down the aisle he was grinning from ear to ear, and when Ana made her appearance he began to cry. Which in turn made me cry, I always cry at weddings. They combined Catholic, Methodist, and Filipino traditions, along with doing both traditional and personal vows. In the end they walked out to, "You & Me" by the Dave Matthew's Band. One of my favourite songs!
Their reception took place at a nearby country club. We waited for the couple at the wrong entrance, so unfortunately they didn't get the grand entrance they should of. But they were too happy to care. For the first hour, they had hire an Elvis impersonator. Which rocked since we were in the birthplace of the king.
Their first dance was, "Must Be Doing Something Right," by Billy Currington. But soon we were all dancing, and let me tell you I may have no ability to dance, but I'm a dancing fool. Soon we were all dancing, laughing, drinking, and having the best time. They cut both cakes, one was the bride's cake, a beautiful butter cream covered with orchids. And the groom's cake was a 3D version of Jason's Purple Hooter Car. The weirdest thing about the wedding to me, is for the first time in my life I couldn't try to catch the bouquet!

After much dancing and festivities, Ana and Jason ran through a maze of sparklers and headed off to their mini honeymoon. I guess we hadn't had enough drinking at the wedding, because afterwards we hit the liqor store. I can honestly say I don't remember much of the evening after that. But I do remember making up my own lyrics to Benny & Jets, " She's got electric boobs, homemade shoes, you know I read it in a MAGAZINE!" And I kept singing that over and over. Also you know the lyric from a song that says, "How Low Can You GO? Can You Go Down Low? All The Way To The Floor?" I demonstrated how low I could go, by laying down on the floor and not getting up again.
Sunday morning I told my friends goodbye over an IHOP breakfast. Yumm Pancakes. I returned ghetto homer to enterprise in surprisingly tornado-free weather. When I got to the airport, I found that I could upgrade to first class! Thank you frequent flier miles! I did my happy dance in the airport, the dance that says I'm better than all the suckers in coach. Just kidding. I have never flown first class, and folks lets just say it is better on the other side. Much better.
365 days ago (give or take):
That is 38 days without sweet tea, fried okra, or the sight of an outhouse. And although I have had severe sweet tea withdrawals, I still feel like I made the right choice.
I still can't believe I've been in California over a year.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time....beautiful bride, beautiful cake. And the bit about the guy playing with his organ all alone ~ what a hoot!


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