Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Little Scrapbook

I saw this thing floating around the blogosphere, I don't do tons of tags because I'm laazzzy. But I have 250+ photos of me tagged on facebook, so I might as well put some of them to good use. I'm not tagging anyone, but I would love to see what you guys can come up with.

1. A Picture of You in Your Room.
[First photo and I'm already cheating. I couldn't find a picture of me in one of my rooms. But this is the desk area of my junior year dorm room. Bow before the Pepto Bismal Pink. Note: I didn't paint this room, I inherited it.]

2. A Picture of You Feeling Energetic.
[There is absolutely no way that this picture of Moe and me was influenced by consumption of alcohol. Or was it? ]

3. A Picture of You on a Birthday.
[Taken after seeing the Blueman Group in Las Vegas on my 21st birthday. I asked Adam if my hair was frizzy after being assaulted by streamers during the show. He told me my hair was perfect. LIAR. So I didn’t brush it before taking the picture.]

4.The Youngest Picture of Yourself You Can Find in Digital Form.
[This was taken at Warwick Castle on my trip to London in 2003. I was 16. I'm sure I have older pictures than this but I can't seem to find any.]

5. A Picture of You in One of Your Favorite Outfits.
[I don’t like dresses. But this faux wrap one is comfortable while still being dressy. This picture is of my bridesmaids and me at my shower.]
6. A Picture of You Making a Funny Face at the Camera.
[I looked like a possessed version of little bunny foo foo.]
7. A Picture of You on a Team or in a Club.
[I was a hearin leader at MUW, and this was my leadership class. We took it on a retreat.]
7. A Picture of a Day or Night You Regret.
[So I once took a trip to the beach with some friends. One friend was a pretty toxic friend, who put on a really good drama queen show on our last night there. She ruined the night, the weekend, and the whole damn trip. She is no longer a friend. Thank the Lord. ]

9. A Picture of the Real You.
[This is the real me: fun, goofy, a loyal friend, and a vision in blue].

10. A Picture of you Being Absolutely Ridiculous.
[We got a little crazy after decorating our gingerbread house... in February] 11. A Picture of a Time in your Life that is Over, but You Wish Wasn't.
[I used to work with underprivileged kids in a program called Hearts, I miss those kids everyday.]
12. A Picture of a Time in your Life that's Over, and You Couldn't be More Thankful.
[This is a picture I took while I was flying home to Alabama after visiting Adam in California a few years ago. We were still in a long distance relationship then, and there was nothing more miserable than the days when I had to leave him.]
13. A Picture that You Had No Idea was Being Taken.

[Sleeping on a bus in Italy. Um I don't know why I look so pissed off]

14. A Picture of You when You Were a Different Person than You are Now.
[I was a gangsta Mrs. Claus in a past life.]

15. A Picture of You in a Fashion Don't
[This is too awful for words, I talk about this look in this entry.]
16. A Picture of Yourself that You Hate
[I mean could I stick my belly out any further?]

17. A Picture that Describes How You Would Like to Spend Everyday.
[The view from Adam and mine's cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We've gone there twice, and they have been the most romantic & sexiest trips of my life.]

18. A Picture of a Time when Everything was Changing.
[My college graduation with my college roommate, Jana. Frizzy hair and black robes don't flatter anyone.]

19. A Picture that Makes You Smile.
[I love this picture of my mother and me posing with live parrots in Las Vegas. My mom is so awesome]

20. A picture of the best day, or night, of your life.
[My Wedding Day-April 4th, 2009]

365 days ago (give or take):
For eating two packs of his orange tick tacks and hiding the evidence under the couch cushions. How long did I think that would go uncovered? Well I figured I would at least be in another state by then.
Reasons why I was a terriable girlfriend, but still friggin adorable. Also this is the first post that I got real comments on.


  1. I love the bunny foo foo picture!!! Come on, it is adorable!!

  2. Ahhh, I love this!! I'm stealing it, hope you don't mind. It'll be interesting to keep my face out of the shots, but that'll be half the fun.

    I love the Vegas picture, you're gutsy to pose with those parrots. I have one, and he can bite without warning!
    Also love Ghetto Miss Claus, ha!

  3. This was a wonderful post. I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures and the captions.

  4. Hi Brittany! Greeting from Malaysia :)

    You are such a lovable person just by looking at your photos and reading your post. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. I'm totally doing this. Right now. Even though it's 2 a.m. I really love this idea, plus I should go through all my photobucket accounts ;)


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