Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Loud Nonsense

I'm not dead. I just thought I would say that, because some of you may have been really worried. I know, I know I should have called. How completely rude of me. Maybe you were imaging I had slipped on a banana peel and cracked my head open on a toilet, or maybe you thought I had been dragged away by a pack of rabid raccoons (hey you never know when your number will be up, and I have a feeling I'm going to go in a very public & humiliating way). In the last two and a half weeks, I've attended two bridal showers; have logged over 6,000 frequent miles, and ate lots of cake.

I've put a lot of thought into which one of my cakes tasted better. The first was beautifully decorated and tasted light & fluffy, as every cake should. But the guests made me stop to take a bite of cake, while I was unwrapping the gifts. While I was munching on the cake, everyone in the room decided to snap a picture of the act. The next day I woke up and had been tagged over TWENTY TIMES eating that piece of cake on facebook. It looked like all I do in my life, is eat cake. Now that would be a wonderful life, but it isn't my life. The second cake was layered with mousse and strawberries. I ate a piece at the shower, I had a piece after dinner, and another at 2 A.M. in the morning. But this was all done with no photographic evidence, and for the reason alone, the first one wins hands down!

I feel like I've just now caught up on all the sleep I missed these last two weeks. Yes, I know you can't really catch up on lost sleep, but sleep and I have been playing a game of tag for a while now, and he is finally winning. The weekends of the showers, he chased me around with tempting feather pillows and warm footy pajamas and I ran for my life yelling, “You Can’t Catch Me, So Suck It.” But now this girl is going to bed at 8:30(I'm worse than my grandma) and not getting up to 10:00. And even after all that sleep, it is still possible to find me drooling on the couch whenever I’m not at work. But I can finally get back to the land of the living now. Which is good because the next 24 days (24 days *gulp*) is going to be a sprint.

I'm sure several times in these next few weeks I will be found in the closet crying, "Maybe we shouldn't get married at all!" Because I always deal with stress in an entirely sane & productive way. I have to make so many phone calls, which to me is the equivalent of someone breaking everyone of my toes ONE by ONE. I am so phone phobic; I visibly cringe when it goes off. And worse than making all those phone calls, I have to put my precious pooch Sarah in the kennel while we are gone. My perfect baby, who walks on water and farts roses, has to be without a familiar face for five whole days. Even though those unfamiliar faces will spend so much individual time with her that she probably will never want to come home. I'm still having bad separation anxiety. I realize I have become the CRAZY DOG LADY.

P.s.-I'm sorry if my posts become all about the wedding all the time, it’s just my life is all WEDDING all the time right now. But I will contain myself for all of our sanities, including MINE.

365 days ago (give or take):
I think I was hoping for something easy, I would type in the name and *poof* she would appear and I would wonder why I never ever thought of this before. And then of course we would meet, hold hands, and go skipping off into the sunset.
I talk about my search for the sister I had never met, it was so hard. But I finally found her! It was so worth it.


  1. At least your wedding rants aren't all gushy and vomit-inducing. They're funny. ;-)

    At first I thought you said "I ate a piece IN the shower." Then I realized you said "AT" the shower and it all made sense. For a minute I thought you were the most cake-obsessed person I'd ever met. ;-)

  2. I don't mind at all about the wedding talk.. type, type away.. I love reading what you write..I am always in for a treat when I come here!

  3. u make me feel like in a wedding mood already..not that i'm getting marry or anything..just that it make me feel like one...just type it out...for us to read.. :)

  4. ROFL I LOVE your wedding rant! =) I don't really remember most of my pre-wedding days. I wish I had been blogging then. Or at least keeping a journal.

    There's plenty of time for sleep later on the honeymoon. *grin*

  5. Hi, Britt - How cool that you found your sister! And in time for your wedding - that is quite awesome!! Another surprise ~ you've been awarded something special! Stop by my blog to pick it up and learn the details! Happy Thursday!! Peace, Sue, SignatureSterling

  6. Try leaving your dog something that smells like you while you're away. Our friend who runs a kennel always has me take one of my unwashed sweatshirts for each dog I'm leaving with her. She keeps them in the beds for them. It's supposed to help with their homesickness.

    You only get married once (okay, for some it's a few times) - don't worry about obsessing about the wedding, we love to hear about it!

  7. wow, that is so cool that you found your sister. whenever i see shows about people finding each other i cry even though i don't know them..........

  8. Love the wedding posts, it's your life, that's what the blog is, so tell us all about it! As for Sarah, I just have to say, my friends Old Married Couple, who got married a few years ago, they have a minpin who is their child. I swear they love that dog more than each other. Old Married Wife didn't cry at the wedding, but she bawled when she had to take her dog to her parents house before their honeymoon. So don't feel bad! I am in the same boat-on our trip to Seattle I missed my dog so much. It's your baby, it's natural. :-)

  9. Waiting patiently for a Joel McHale post. Thank you very much.



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