Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Purple Sweaters, Cancer Plates, and Kitchen Aid Mixers

The best thing about getting married is watching the items on our registries disappear. There are only a few times in your life that you get to tell people everything you want, and they run out and get you the EXACT THING YOU ASKED FOR. And not a furry purple sweater with a suspiciously happy unicorn painted on it (though come to think of it that could be awesome). Most everything on those lists are things we do really need. As it stands Adam and I have only one pot, one pan, and one mixing bowel that serves as Sarah's water dish. We are very resourceful.

My mother has been telling everyone that asks her what we really need, to get us plates. We already have two sets of plates; one is a McDonald's happy meal set Adam has had since he was a wee boy. Sometimes I will be eating something and will look down to see Grimace (the purple blob) staring at me, it is a little unsettling. Our other plates are a set of non-microwavable plates from Target, but we are rebels, so we microwave them all the time. This drives my mother crazy. She can't stop telling me how little parts of the plate are probably flaking off into my food, and how it is going to give me cancer. So my plates are going to kill me, and one day she will be standing over my coffin saying, "I told you so." So now I call them our cancer plates. I love my mother.

The thing I want more than anything else, the thing that would make my life worthwhile, is a kitchen aid mixer. I'm getting turned on just looking at the picture. I could mix, whisk, bake, and frost with that baby. I can make pasta and ice cream! It comes in 24 spectacular colors! The advertisements say, "No wonder generations of cooks have cherished theirs. Isn't it your turn?" As Bob as my witness, I KNOW it is my turn.

I registered for it at bed, bath, and beyond, but I've been tempted to add it to my Target one also. In case they go shopping at Target instead, I want to cover all my bases. I realize that we might get two mixers this way, and may not be able to return one of them. But I mean would that be so bad? If we had two, Adam and I could have dueling kitchen aid mixer races! That sounds like the most fun I have ever heard of in my entire life.

I also considered registering for one in every color (you know just in case they don't have the color I want). I’m not so picky. Friends, if I end up with 24 Kitchen Aid Mixers will you come over and play Susie Homemaker with me? Pretty please? I'll put out some chez-its and serve champagne.

P.s.-Did you see my new layout? Version 4.0.


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  2. I LOVE the new layout! Very Spring-like!

    My mother-in-law advised me to pick out nice everyday dishes --non of this Corelle crap-- because this is the only time you'll get nice stuff. Oh yeah, she was right. I've been married 20 years and thank her all the time for that advice. I still have those nice (expensive ) dishes and they have survived all the abuse over the years. Make sure you register for NICE stuff--it lasts longer and you won't have the money for it later down the road when you are buying furniture, raising kids, etc.

    How exciting for you! Enjoy your engagement. It is a very special time!

  3. I say register for a few different colors. Seriously, we got 5 crock pots between our wedding and shower. If you get 2 mixers, pack one away for when the first one gets old and rickety. Or, paint your names on them and have mixing races, cause that does sound like more fun. When I saw your title, I had to wonder what a cancer plate was LOL Oh and thank you so much for the CD! Larry borrow my car a few days ago and came back humming one of the songs :)

  4. I vote you ask about each of those stores' return policies, and if you CAN return one, definitely add it to both lists.

    I have one. I have no idea how I lived without it before. It's like thinking about life before cell phones.

    TRUST ME. Or, just hope you get boatloads of money and can buy one yourself. ;-)


  5. very pretty layout and I soo want one of those mixers, but I would have to start baking or something first. ;)

    found you through entrecard. :)

  6. Ha Ha! Yes, I don't know any cook worth her salt that doesn't lust after one of these babies (including me and being worth salt is under review at this moment in time), but I have settled for a cheapie mixer from WalMart that at least gets my batter mixed for the main things I make -- cakes, cookies, and biscuits.

    I hope you get the mixer of your dreams in an equally dreamy color!

  7. I have wanted a kitchen aid mixer since I was a little girl and I used to use my mom's. She has the plain ugly white one, but I think I want the bright red, or maybe the blue. I seriously drool over that mixer every time I make a shopping trip. I hope you get it! Btw, second to being in love, I think the #2 reason to get married is to register. I can't wait to run around with that little register gun and tag everything! :-)

  8. Hey I found you through a fellow twitter-er who won your contest I think. Anyway, I am in love with my Kitchen Aid Mixer. I, too, registered for it when we got married back in '94 and my aunt gave it to me.

    Every time I use it I think of her and I love it! However, back in the day they only had metal with a black handle. What I have.

    I *think* a couple years later that had the metal one and a red one.

    But now they have such cool colors. I love that turquoise one. I hope you get it for your shower. Fingers crossed!

  9. love the new layout! very nice.

    As for the Kitchen-aid.......I want one toooooooooo!! I have decided i shall have one someday preferably SOON. Myabe i'll ask for one for my birthday. I'm pretty sure my mom and dad don't love me enough to get me one but maybe if i whine jussssssssssssssst enough..........

    They'll do pretty much anything to shut me up. I'll cross my fingers that you have better luck than i have so far

  10. I can feel an iron chef competition coming on between you and Adam with the will be better than any honeymoon. ever.

    and i tagged you.


  11. zomg I WANT ONE SO BAD. i want one like, the air i breathe, seriously. i so hope you get one!

    ps: i LOVE the new look in here, GORGEOUS! :D

  12. @Lin-So true, I don't know if I registered for enough, it was so hard to choose!

    @Moxy-I don't think crock pot races would be a fun as kitchen aid mixer, you would be waiting around for hours!

    @Angi-I think I'm going to go ahead and register for it on both list,or just a hint a lot with my mother.

    @Stacie-I love entrecard-I've met most of my friends through it. I think getting the mixer might make you want to bake!

    @Eyespi20-I will take it even if it is in puke green.

    @Date Girl-I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I had so much fun registering, it was like going on a shopping spree, that you don't have to pay for.

    @Cardiogirl-I bet its still pretty, because any kitchen aid mixer is wonderful.

    @Nessa-You get one, I'll get one and then we will hang up.

    @MySweetThree-Damn straight it us! Who needs a vacation I have my mixer!

    @Heather-Thanks it was time for a change and I wanted so simplicity. If i get too many I'll send one your way. Maybe. lol

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  14. When we were registering for our wedding a few years back we were going to just register for some nice normal every day dishes, but to my shock I was informed that if I wanted a gift from my soon to be Aunt and Uncle that I needed to register for fine china. So, I did and Wedgwood at that! I did get service for 4 and for our first anniversary 2 serving pieces all from the Aunt and Uncle. However, I have never even used it once in 5 1/2 years! LOL
    Now the Kitchenaid on the other hand which DH gave me as a wedding present I use all the time. It is amazing!! He even got a really good deal on a refurbished 6 quart professional at a kitchen outlet store and it came with a warranty and everything but at less than a regular 5 quart at the big box stores!

  15. I managed to score a kitchenaid for $35 at a thrift store! Buy was I happy!


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