Monday, January 5, 2009

Ho Ho Ho Holy Smokes!

This has been a holiday season for the record books. First, I spent 5 nights alone waiting to join Adam in Wisconsin for the holiday festivities. In that time, I learned that I should never ever be left alone. Because A. I nearly lost the dog, B. I nearly burnt down the house, and C. I set off the Carbon Monoxide detector. A. was a situation that was truly not my fault, but it resulted in me not being on speaking terms with Sarah for a good half hour, and running down a busy street in my pj pants that Adam loving describes as my big bird pants. Ok, so that’s not a long time. But have you seen her? She is cuter than a baby hippo wearing a polka dotted dress eating a cupcake. And who could stay mad at that kind of cuteness? B. & C. are situations that were entirely MY FAULT, but they paint me in a very blonde light. So those are for me to know, and for you guys to never ever even come close to figuring out.

When my exile in California was over, the day came for me to fly to Wisconsin. There was no reason for me to be stressed out, except for the fact that I would be meeting my in-laws for the first time, with only 100 days to go till the wedding. So if they were big meanies or cannibalistic, there was no turning back because the wedding cake had already been paid for. Though honestly it is MY family that is nutso, and operates just like a three-ringed circus. What I didn't expect was a four hour delay at LAX, or the two hours sitting on the tarmac in Chicago. All of which can be blamed on Chicago. Damn Chicago (just kidding). And I certainly didn't expect to not get into Wisconsin until 2 a.m., or not getting to meet everyone until the next morning. Come morningtime I look more like medusa than the 22 year old bombshell that I am.

Snow in Wisconsin

I don't remember much about my first evening in Wisconsin. I do remembering repeatedly saying, "I am cold, I am cold." and "Oh, Snow!" I recall being shocked that no one woke up as Adam hauled my heavy suitcase up very, very creaky stairs, cussing & knocking things over along the way. Then I lay awake wondering why Adam snores so much softer on the floor than in the bed, and wondering how I could get him to sleep on the floor at home. (whilst secretly hating him for being asleep, when all I could do was toss & turn). The next thing I know Adam was literally pushing me downstairs so I could meet his family, because I was content to hibernate upstairs till it was time to head back to the airport. But I got along with his family just fine. I told his dad that his house was cute, and apparently you don't say things like that about a man's house. But it was painted baby blue, so how that could not be classified as cute?

I got lovely gifts, and Adam got so many sets to add to his Lego collection that I thought his heart was going to explode from the joy of it all. And I learned the definition of love is spending two and a half hours deconstructing Lego sets so they will fit in your fiancé’s tiny carry on bag. TWO AND A HALF HOURS. How many women would do that for someone over the age of 5? Especially since they would have fit in a regular sized suitcase, but no Adam won't pay the $15.00 fee. So he packs about two pairs of pants and one shirt, and washes everything everyday. Oye men.

Then the day came to head back to California, which should have been a simple process. But when we woke up everything was coated in fog. But we headed to the airport optimistically, oh how naïve we were. Adam and I were booked on separate flights, and his was canceled. They couldn't get him out till Monday.... But he was calm about it, and all he could say was, "If the Green Bay Packers lose tomorrow, than that is it." He has his priorities in check, people. The airline assured me that my afternoon flight to Chicago would take off as planned. I hugged & kissed Adam goodbye, and wondered if our house could possibly survive me home alone a few more days. But the airport lied. There was a winter storm brewing in Chicago, did I mention before Damn Chicago? So we ended up staying a few extra days, and luckily got to fly out together and even sit with each other. Which means I got to bug Adam the whole way home! We even landed in Chicago; apparently Chicago exists if you believe it exists. But still damn Chicago.


  1. hey now! don't be knockin' on my city. you should have known that chicago would want to keep you. basically, chicago wants to keep all of it's travelers from the months of november-may. hahaha. great city. shitty weather delays.

    it sounds like the trip went pretty well though! yay!

  2. Funny story, glad you enjoyed the holidays and didn't lose the dog or totally burn down the house.


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