Monday, November 3, 2008

On Politics

This will be the second election that I've ever gotten to participate in. The first one I was fresh out of high school, and I spent the whole evening pacing the dormitory halls. But it was fun and important, and I've never forgotten that feeling. I'm equally as excited about voting in this election. I haven't talked much about politics on my blog, just because I haven't wanted to step on any toes, and I know most of my friends feel differently than I do. I'm not writing this to campaign, or change any one's minds. I'm just documenting my choices on my blog, so way in the future; I can look back and see exactly what I was feeling at this important time.

I was blessed with having the opportunity to see Obama speak last year at my college. It was a once in a life time experience, I'm glad I got to have. He presented himself well, and is extremely smart & charismatic, and I do admire him. That being said, I’m voting for McCain. Do I believe that Obama would be the anti-Christ or a horrible president? No. Does this mean that I'm anti-abortion or anti-gay marriage? Not at all. Does it mean I think Bush was a great President? No I don't. All it really means is that I've studied the facts and more of my personal beliefs line up with McCain’s. This was not a process I took lightly. It took much time for me to finally decide, and I haven't waffled since.

Voting Republican while living in a sea of Democrats has been a very interesting experience. I basically keep quiet, because I don't think they are completely wrong or I am totally right. I hate confrontation anyway, and hotheads never get anywhere. Heck, even my husband-to-be is voting Obama. I've been very proud of us, we’ve never had one cross words about it. We talk about what we believe & why, and just respect that. Tonight we read through all the propositions together, and talked about why we were voting this & that (If you are in California, Vote No on Prop 8), and I feel like if we can respect each other through this, we can deal with just about anything.

I don't think McCain will win tomorrow (although he has made significant gains these last few day, so it is is plausible), and sure I will downtrodden. But even if Obama wins I don't believe the nation is going to fall apart, and no matter what you believe, who you vote for, or what happens. Just being a part of an election with such a historical turn out, is something to be proud of. So Go Rock The Vote and God Bless the USA.

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  1. i voted for the first time ever today.
    i could have voted last election, and i didn't.
    i'm glad, looking back, that i did not because i would have never made the right choice.

    i definitely made the right choice today.


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