Friday, July 11, 2008

In the Words of the Infamous Rachel Ray, "Yummo."

I'm not much of a chef or baker, although I'm really trying to learn, because I love cooking. Once I took a one hour, two day cooking class in college. It was a lot of fun, but it ended disastrously. Let's just say that the next day after class it was all over my college that I had nearly burned down the entire culinary arts building. The worst part was that when my chicken & dumplings did catch fire, I just stood there in shock, staring blankly, and not even attempting to put out the fire. I'm sure my name was used in future cooking classes as the example of WHAT NOT TO DO. I could just envision Smokey the Bear standing in the corner silently shaking his head at me in disdain.

I baked my first cake ever last weekend, and it was pretty good. The edges and top were a little crunchy, so we had to eat around those parts, but I felt that I still deserved an A for effort. And one afternoon when Adam was cutting himself a piece of cake and I walked in, and told him I wanted a slice too. He proceeded to pick up the cake and make me chase him all around the house for a good five minutes before relenting. So if the cake was worth all that trouble, it must have been pretty good. No one can say we don't have fun around here.

I also love all shows that have to do with food, like Top Chef, Food Network Star, Iron Chef, and my all time favorite Ace of Cakes. I live for Ace of Cakes, and Adam doesn't hate it which says a lot about the show since we do not share the same TV tastes. This is mainly because mine are of the low brow, awful, reality kind. I can't help myself people, it is just too bad not to watch. Or like I often tell Adam, "You are just a TV snob, don't you see that Tila Tequila turns dating into a form of art?" But I have to admit I was actually mad when Tila didn’t pick Danny in season one, but I don’t know how a girl with a chandelier made of dildos can really be considered a good catch.

Ace of Cakes is about this cake shop (I know what you are thinking, “Really Sherlock? A cake shop? With a name like “Ace of Cakes” I would have never guessed). And just as Archie Bunker would say to Edith, my reply to your sarcasm would be, “Stifle It!” The bakery is called Charm City Cakes, and they are located in Baltimore, Maryland. They are a group of crazy friends that specialize in making unusual cakes. They are so amazing, I would love to have them design a unique wedding cake for me, but they are too expensive. Plus I'm sure they wouldn't want to drive all the way down to Texas.

These are some of my all time favorites:

This cake actually is "Operational." I'm feeling a little bit "puny" tonight. Oh I'm cracking myself up over here. All I can say about this is SHOES!
I could eat sushi everyday for the rest of my life.

This cake was done for one of the Harry Potter Movie Premier parties. What a cool replica of Hogwarts. I have a confession to make though; I only picked this cake because I know most of you guys would love it. The truth is I’m not really a fan of Harry Potter (don’t hate me). I can appreciate it for what it is but it just not my style. The cookies are really why I love this one.
Avenue Q.
This was a favourite game as a child, and I think the attention to detail is amazing on this one.
Woof, Woof. I think I would rather have the cake than actually own the purse. Ok, maybe not.
Cute, Cute, Cute.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that show. My all time favorite was the roller derby cake, just because roller derby chicks are hot, and that cake turned out awesome. :)

  2. We don't have the show over here, pity! I really love the cakes, so very original! I had a cake in the shape of a cat for my 21st birthday (years ago, haha).

  3. oh these cakes are really cute, very original. i like the candyland coz it was my favorite game board as a kid, and i also like the sushi. must have been hard to make the details of the kitchen though.

    my cousin also bakes cakes and cookies as a hobby but now turned it into a home business. her designs are also cute, too bad she's in bangkok while i'm in manila and so i can't order from her.


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