Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Modern Day Damsel in Distress

Tonight Adam was trying to install a crack on my lap top so I could play the Sims 2 without having to dig out my CDS from my still packed boxes. There was really not much on TV, so we were watching South Park on his desktop like we do frequently. I know this show is terrible, but it is also hilarious. Anyway, it got to the first commercial break and it was really LOUD. But it was very short, and when the show came back on it had returned to its normal volume. So we just looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders, and ignored it.

I was paying extremely close attention to the show after this. And about five seconds before the second commercial started, I plugged my ears and ducked under the blanket. Adam wasn't paying attention and still had my computer sitting on his lap (oh hey I just figured out why they call it a lap top, just kidding) when the commercial started. The commercial was loud enough to break every piece of glass in the whole state of California and much longer than the first. Adam didn't want to jump up and hurt the computer. So he is bellowing loudly at me, "Get up and turn it down, get up and turn it down!" But of course I’m cowering under the covers and ignoring him.

He sets the computer aside quicker than the speed of light and nose dives into action. Saving me from all the loud advertisements in the world makes you a hero in my book. Well that and having a love of all things cheese related.

And all he could say to me after the crisis had been averted was, "Way to jump into action there honey."


  1. Haha, that's pretty funny! And yes, a love of cheese is VERY important! :0

  2. The reason they do this thisng with the sound is so that when the commercials come on and you jump up to get a snack or visit the can, you don't miss out on the stuff they want to sell you!


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