Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blonde Moment 324,235,235,235

One of my best friends, Anna, who graduated last year, came to stay with me and Jenny Friday night. Anna is a nurse now, and compared to us who aren’t making any money, she makes about a zillion dollars a year. When we asked her about the real world her definition consisted of a lot of working, a lot of sleeping, and buying stuff off of QVC while drinking Whiskey. If the real world involves at home shopping while drinking whiskey, BRING ON THAT CAP AND GOWN! Just Kidding. I'm no lush.

(Side note here-I’m really susceptible to info commercials. I want everything I see on there. Sure some things could be helpful like the exercise machines and a blender. But I totally think I need a FLOWBEE to cut my hair, and a set of kitchen knifes that can cut through sheet metal, because I routinely spend hours cutting through sheet metal. And if it is endorsed by Chuck Norris or Al from Home Improvement, I have to physically restrain myself from hugging the TV and hide my credit cards).

When she comes to visit I am reminded of all the fun, crazy, and completely random times we’ve had. And Friday I was reminded of a time, that while humorous, makes me look really gullible. So of course I have to share. Like, duh.

There is a pretty popular image floating around the internet, which is of a penguin on top of a sleeping polar bear about to crash a pair of cymbals. Presumably trying to wake up the bear and complete a kamikaze mission. I was showing Anna and Jenny the image, and I considered this for a little while. I mused out loud, “I wonder how they got the penguin to stand on top of the polar bear?” No one really said anything because they really thought I was just kidding. And a few more minutes passed and I continued, “And how in the world did they get the penguin to hold the cymbals?”

Anna gets this bewildered expression on her face looks at me and replies, “You do realize this is all photo shopped, don't you?

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